Only Gillard Can Save the Naishon Now!

The Prime Minister sticks it to blue-tie wearers:

Women can no longer abort babies, blue tie wearing misogynists will put females in burqas, we will never have another lying, red-haired c*nt  Fabian socialist as a PM, the sky is falling: Ostraya will lose the one and only Gillard goose who can save de naishon!

Political Suicide Watch

Gillard has lost a fight in which she is the only combatant.

Labor shocked that schools are for teaching  (Andrew Bolt)

Public schools were built for the education of children at public expense,  not to be Labor pulpits for a tin-rattle.    Labor is shocked - shocked – that it suddenly can’t use school children as political props, and use school buildings for political fundraisers:

JULIA Gillard was locked out of a televised show she was to appear on with British comedian Ben Elton in a Perth school last night after West Australian Premier Colin Barnett ordered the Education Department to cancel it…

The Labor Party is considering legal action against the West Australia government.

 Labor has so lost its perspective that it’s elevated this issue to a key talking point of the day, with Garrett appearing – with a blue tie – on ABC 24 to complain.

4 thoughts on “Only Gillard Can Save the Naishon Now!”

  1. Thanks for that.

    She is a dyke after all; and her hairdresser/butler is her beard.

    Just when you think she can’t stoop any lower, she goes and does it. Her promotion of late- and up to full-term abortion has been no secret. It was integral to her Socialist Forum manifesto and she promoted it as a leader of the AUS along with her claims that “married women are whores” and “a heterosexual relationship should be the non-preferred option for young people”.

    This base woman is a disgrace and an embarrassment to all decent Australian women. Men now treat her with disdain.

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