Rejecting the da’awa is a big problem for Muselmaniacs

 David O’Leary, a  scribbler from the ‘Scotsman,’ is completely off his rocker when he calls the rejection of Mohammedan indoctrination of British kids (da’awa)  a ‘race-row’.  Islam is not a race.  Mohammedanism is a vile ideology in the guise of religion. But reality doesn’t penetrate the skulls of  leftist multiculturalists.
A RACE row has broken out after almost a third of the children due to take part in a school field trip to a city mosque were pulled out by their parents.
The wording is interesting. You really need to learn Muselmanish:
The Derby Telegraph tells us that Islam is a ‘Religion of Peace’

Jamia Mosque imam Qazi Abdul Mateen recently gave a talk to youngsters about how Islam’s main greeting “assalamu alaikum” shows it is a religion of peace.


He said the greeting was a complete prayer that means “may God keep you at peace in this world and hereafter” and an “affirmation that your life, wealth, family and all your belongings are at peace from me”. He said: “True peace cannot be achieved if you have any hatred or moral indecency toward others. You cannot harm people and then pray for their peace.”

If you like a translation of this, please let us know. Muslims are forbidden to pray for slain enemies.


Children from Newtongrange Primary visited the Central Mosque in Potterrow, but from an original group of 90 pupils, 28 were withdrawn.
White English kids bowing in a mosque
(This is what Tony BLiar means when he babbles about “education is the key”– by making British kids tolerate the intolerant, by making Brits submit to Islam, “Islamophobia” will vanish and we can all live in harmony, under Islam of course.)
The trip had been organised to help educate the primary one, two and five pupils about other religions and cultures Islam. But one parent today said they didn’t want their child “mixed up in the hate being preached in mosques”.

Some parents are wiser than others.

Follow up story in The Scotsman; Muslim women who conduct tours at the Central Mosque have defended the practice of inviting school trips to gain an understanding of their faith.

Of course, of course. Da’awa is their first and foremost religious obligation.

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  1. A forced “peace” is called “pacification” and it’s really only extortion; a forced faith isnt’ a “faith” at all, it’s extortion, and that’s always a crime!

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