Threat to Australia’s Muslim communities downplayed

Turning reality on its head.

The threat comes from ‘Australia’s Muslim community’, not from Australians. But  don’t tell Kerri Worthington, she would probably call you a ‘racist-bigot-Islamophobe’.

“Can’t happen in Australia”

Muslim communities in Britain have reported a dramatic increase in attacks against them since the murder of a British soldier in London. (Complete bollocks. That is the MO of the establishment in cahoots with the enemedia to protect their pet project, the soldiers of allah, from scrutiny.)

images“Alleged” killer Michael Adebolajo. Would Kerri Worthington say “alleged” if it happened to her daughter or son?

Two men citing the British army’s role in fighting in Muslim lands are alleged  (?)  to have killed the soldier in an attack that has received heavy media coverage around the world.

“Alleged” is taking it a bit far, Kerri.

Australia’s Muslim communities say they have not noticed a backlash in this country.

What a relief!

But the British incident has been a catalyst for renewed anti-Islamic dissent.

Can’t have that! Its Jooliar Gillard’s investment in our future!

Kerri Worthington reports.

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UAF And Muslims Destroy Flower Memorial For Lee Rigby

The United Against Fascism, which opposes the EDL, helps Muslim protesters destroy flowers left for murdered soldier Lee Rigby. They then throw the flower pieces at counter protesters, all while under the watchful eye of police.

In others words, this group against fascism only wants to allow displays in which they approve. (Jawa Report)

In the immediate aftermath of the murder of British soldier Drummer Lee Rigby, concerns were raised in several quarters about possible copycat attacks.

The head of the Australian Defence Force, General David Hurley, has urged soldiers to be vigilant, but says there is no evidence of similar threats to soldiers or Defence personnel.

Ikebal Patel is the vice president of Muslims Australia, which represents Australian Islamic councils.

He says fears of a similar act in Australia are misplaced.

“That’s a very small part of the community, and both the Muslim community and the greater community, and the law-enforcement agencies, have to monitor these groups and take action. But, generally, I don’t think that there is a major outcry against the Muslim community. The Muslim community also in Australia has acted very responsibly in the past when events like this have happened and (have) condemned, rightly, any Muslim outcry which is against the norm within the society.”

In Britain, the number of reports of so-called Islamophobia to a helpline have jumped from around four a day to 40, and several mosques have been attacked.

Ikebal Patel says there has been nothing similar in Australia.

“Generally, there has been, of course, the concern of fallout from this towards the Australian Muslim community. But I think, by and large, there hasn’t been the same level of opposition, criticism or even vilification as there has been in England and, more recently, in France. So I think there has been a fairly considered approach that it is not the Australian Muslims in any way. One individual’s actions are not reflective of the greater Muslim population of Australia.”

Thousands of supporters of the nationalistic English Defence League have rallied in London and northern English cities, calling for a so-called British Spring uprising against Muslim migration.

The Australian Defence League, which models itself on the British organisation, highlighted the murder on its Facebook page but has not called for organised action against Muslims.

But the anti-Islam Q Society, a far less secretive organisation, has warned Australians not to be complacent.

Spokesman Andrew Horwood says attacks against other Australians by what he terms Islamic extremists are inevitable.

“It’s only a matter of time, and it is only time, until something like this happens in Australia. Our charter is to educate Australians about Islam, and we believe that what that person did to Lee Rigby was following Islam to the letter. Now we accept that many Muslims don’t do that, but there’s a proportion of Muslims that do. And as the percentage of Islamic people in this country increases, the chance of something like this happening in Australia will increase.”

Ask a clueless wakademic:

Terrorism expert Shandon Harris-Hogan, of Monash University’s Global Terrorism Research Centre, says such fears are unrealistic.

Mr Harris-Hogan says there are Australian Muslims involved in so-called jihadist activity, but he puts that number at around a hundred.

He says there are not more because Australia, unlike some other Western countries, has never had a religious leader who sanctioned or justified religious violence.

Nacr Benbrika and his cohorts are in the can. Catmeat mufti Halali exhorted the Iraqi terrorists to wage jihad against the infidel ‘invaders’.

Feiz Mohammed exhorted children to give their lives for jihad. Where does this Ivory tower jerk get his info from?

“There haven’t been individuals to sanction this type of violence in Australia, particularly to give a religious sanction, or a fatwa. If you take the case of some individuals in 2009 who were arrested wanting to attack the Holsworthy army barracks, they had to go to Somalia to get a religious sanction, or to try and get a religious sanction, to carry out an attack in Australia. There is just not the appetite in the Australian Muslim community for this type of violence.”

But the Q Society’s Andrew Horwood disagrees, citing reports of an incident last year at Melbourne’s Preston Mosque where worshippers allegedly  (?) called for jihad.

Its not true, its not true! Its only “alleged.” (really?)

He also points to the arrest this week of 23-year-old Milad bin Ahmad-Shah al-Ahmadzai, who allegedly threatened to harm a Commonwealth officer.

Court documents say the Joint Counter Terrorism Team has been investigating Ahmadzai since December 2009 for allegedly committing terrorism-related offences.

It appears the Muslim community was responsible for providing information that led to the arrest, as Prime Minister Julia Gillard indicated in parliament this week.


“We must also remember the importance to that work of the continuing support and cooperation of both the leadership of Australia’s Muslim communities and the Australian Muslim community as a whole. These Australians are very committed to our inclusive, diverse, tolerant society, and, without their engagement and support, our intelligence agencies would be much less well-advised about extremist elements and individuals.”

What a lot of horseshit.

That has not lessened the discomfort some groups have about Australian Muslims and violence.

“Discomfort?” About being genocided?

Victorian Senate candidate Vickie Janson, of the new political party Australian Christians, says it is time Australian leaders were more open to discussing these concerns.

“We have to be aware that, whatever Muslim-majority country that you look at, there is enormous sectarian violence, enormous intolerance. And to think, somehow, in Australia, that it is going to be different … And, of course, this is an individual thing. When we meet individuals, we treat them as individuals. But to say that Islam itself promotes tolerance, I think, is a bit of a stretch.”

Islam promotes tolerance for Islam, not the other way ’round.

In the wake of the murder of Lee Rigby, the British government is setting up a new anti-terrorism taskforce that it says will tackle radical preachers and extremism.

Home Secretary Theresa May says the group will look at whether new powers and laws are needed to stop religious leaders and organisations who promote such messages.

They don’t need new law. They have to enforce the laws on their books.

She says the group will also try to prevent them targeting potential recruits in jails, schools and mosques.

Shandon Harris-Hogan, of the Global Terrorism Research Centre, says similar action in Australia is unnecessary.

Told ya. Can’t happen here.

Instead, he says, Australian authorities should be looking at the process that leads to any radicalisation before it focuses on the outcome.

Good luck with that.

“What you do find, when you look at the radicalisation process, is there are common elements among whether it be right-wing or white-power groups, among extreme environmentalists, or among religious fanatics, that the actual process of radicalisation that they go through is largely the same across different manifestations of extremism. So what there really does need to be a focus on is a way to better understand this process and to divert people away before they go too far down this path.”

Goodness! Get your head out of your ass, Shandon-Hogan.

The Q Society, though, is calling for action to be taken in the mosque.

Andrew Horwood says Australia should, first, legislate against sharia law, which he says will be demanded in Australia as it has been in Britain, where there are 85 sharia courts.

Mr Horwood says the Federal Government should also have all imams sign an agreement that they will teach their followers about women’s rights and the rights of non-Muslims.

That would be a start.

“We have a basic charter we would like them to sign to say that they won’t preach jihad, as they did in the Preston Mosque back on the 27th of April last year. We would like to see Muslims who go overseas to fight wars deported when they get back. We would like to see more of calling a spade a spade. This political correctness has to stop. We wouldn’t be saying to stop Islamic immigration at his stage, but, unless we can get a handle on it very soon, that may be one of the things we have to look at.”

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