The New Boogeyman: If Global Warming Won’t Kill Us, ‘Asbestos’ Will

Because ‘globull worming’ is no longer  “the greatest challenge of our time” we desperately need a new boogeyman that’ll kill us all.

The Gillard  goose found one:


The word “asbestos” is all it took to make the NBN look sick

In one blow, NBN turns from a Labor boast into a Labor embarrassment to match the pink batts disaster: in typical fashion, the Gillard Government insists it is in no way responsible.

Despite the huge media storm, there is no attempt to measure the actual risk involved. Several licensed asbestos removers and people who’d once handled the stuff rang me on 2GB last night to claim the health scare was a huge beat-up. Hear them give their reasons here.

Andrew Bolt is appalled by the fear-mongering and the assumption that to ask for information is a sin:

Asbestos risk: choose reason or Ray Hadley’s scare

But what really, really bothers our self-appointed  minders is free speech. We can’t be trusted: