Tommy accused of being a “Nazi”

‘I am not a Nazi’, says EDL leader Tommy Robinson

The head of the English Defence League has insisted that he is not a Nazi and that his movement is backed by serving British soldiers.


Yet another media scumbag by the name of Andrew Neil does a hatchet job on Tommy Robinson, the only thing that stands between the dhimmi and the caliphate. Needless to mention that these yellow bellied weasels  would never dare to interrupt and accuse the radical headbangers that infest Britain of being Islamofascist thugs.

Tommy Robinson, who is the organisation’s co-founder, was grilled about the EDL in a highly charged interview on the BBC’s Sunday Politics.

Confronted by images of EDL supporters giving what appeared to be Nazi salutes, Mr Robinson said it was a “manipulated photo”.

Here it is:

The Koranimals already rule the joint:

Anjem Chaudrey claims he “is not doing anything illegal”- (under the sharia). In reality, he is guilty of treason and subversion against Britain, and the politprops who let him get away with it are complicit.

Asked by presenter Andrew Neil if it was a “fascist Nazi salute by any definition” he said: “I am not a Nazi, I hate Nazis, I hate fascism.”

Mr Robinson said that the EDL had now advised that “whenever people hold their hands up like that we have told them to give the V” to avoid any misunderstanding.

He said: “Nazism and Islamism are on the opposite sides of the same coin – we oppose both. Nazism has been defeated and Islamism is spreading across the country.”

Mr Robinson said it was “political correctness gone mad” that the Help the Heroes charity had turned down a donation from the EDL in the wake of the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby in Woolwich.

He added that the EDL had support among serving British soldiers: “Ordinary British squaddies support us – I know they do.”

The comments will worry the Ministry of Defence. Last week serving soldiers were warned that taking part in any EDL activities could result in their dismissal.

Defence minister Mark Francois said that the Army chain of command had been contacted with clear instructions to ensure all service personnel refrained from engaging in any political behaviour, after photos emerged showing what appeared to be serving soldiers brandishing firearms against a backdrop of EDL propaganda.

Asked by presenter Andrew Neil if he was a violent man, Mr Robinson said: “My violent offence was 10 years ago, I have a family. You are talking 10 years ago as a young man. I have been to prison and I have experienced and am living through Muslim ideology.”

Mr Robinson said that he had threats to his family “every day, and no one gets arrested”, adding there was a “two-tier police system in this country where people are being arrested for saying anything.”

Asked if Britons were expected to believe that the EDL was “no more menacing than the Girl Guides”, he said: “Has anyone from the English Defence League blown anything up, has anyone from the English Defence League killed anyone, has anyone planned to bomb anything?

“What you have to understand is there is a massive undercurrent of anger across this country – I have got my finger on the pulse, people are angry, you need to harness and channel that anger which is what we are trying to do.”

He said that part of the problem was that if anybody in Britain tried to “criticise anything to do with Islam” they were branded a “racist”.

On Twitter after the interview Mr Robinson suggested he was not happy about the interview writing: “When will a serious political debate show allow us to discuss the serious issues rather than try hatchet job on us? They know we rep many.”

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  1. This is worth reading and publicising

    The Slaughter Has Begun

    Translator note: There was a request in the comment area for the translation of this article, and so it is done. The original German article by Akif Pirincci is titled “Das Schlachten hat begonnen (The slaughter has begun)” and can be found on the website “Die Achse des Guten” (The Axis of Good).

  2. Tommy should not allow a mentally ill cretin like this Andrew Neil get away with his vicious ad hominem attack on him. It would have been better to walk out instead of giving such a gutter rat his 3 minutes of fame.

    This is about Islamic conquest, enabled by useful idiots like Andrew Neil who are in the enemy camp; lunatics who aid the decline of our culture and civilisation, not about individuals who oppose it.

    We must not allow such cretins to tarnish our noble cause and drag it into the mud by singling out individuals.

  3. Well that was one hell of a hatchet job on Tommy. Bloody arsehole should be ashamed, bet that old nonce is on the payroll for the islamic filth machine.

  4. Anyone opposing or exposing islam for what it really is will never get a fair deal from the media.The media ensures that it will deflect or suppress all evidence that shows islam as a medieval barbaric cult not a religion and it’s only aim is to rule the world.The powers in charge have bribed or hired thugs and the real fascists like Unite Against Freedom to stop peaceful demo’s and create trouble and the journalists in their slimey way shove the blame on nationalists to stir up sympathy for muzzies.

  5. Would that rug wearing prick call Choudary a Nazi or terrorist? Anyone who supports that ideology is a paedophile following scumbag!!!

  6. It always blows me away that anyone who stands up for Freedom, Democracy, who’s opposed to Islam is always put down!
    Andrew Neil stinks of Political Correctness!!
    Long Live Tommy and The EDL for standing up against Islam!!
    F Islam!

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