UNHCR: Australia ‘unfair’, ‘mean-spirited’, ‘lacks ethics’ towards invading Muslim hordes

‘Ethics lost’ in asylum backlash: UN

Billions of dollars blown on a multiultural nightmare that is likely to result in civil war and our own genocide, and the shysters for  the largest, most corrupt crime syndicate in the world, the UN, are telling us we’re lacking ‘ethics’ and we’re ‘unfair’.

BY:LAUREN WILSON/From:The Australian

Christmas IslandAsylum-seekers reach their hoped for landing ground yesterday. Source: The Australian

THE head of the UN High Commission for Refugees in Australia has expressed alarm at the “mean-spirited” public debate on asylum-seekers, warning that the nation is at a “crossroads” and must decide if it will continue to pursue harsh policies of deterrence.

The UNHCR‘s regional representative, Richard Towle, said while Australia had an effective and generous resettlement program, it had been “accompanied by a sharp deterioration in the quality of protection for asylum-seekers and refugees coming by boat and a worrying erosion of public support for asylum in Australia”.

“UNHCR understands the widespread concerns in Australia about border security, and the costs of managing the higher number of people arriving by boats, but it is imperative that these do not eclipse the fundamental legal and ethical principles on which the global system of asylum is founded,” Mr Towle said in a speech to mark World Refugee Day.

He said the UNHCR was concerned about “an ever-widening suite of deterrent measures”, including the transfer of asylum-seekers to “less than adequate” processing facilities in Nauru and Papua New Guinea, the “unfair and unreliable” screening methods used to return Sri Lankans, the suspension of processing of more than 20,000 asylum claims since August 13, and the lack of support for asylum-seekers in the community.

“Seen as a whole, UNHCR is concerned that asylum in Australia is very much at a crossroads — whether to continue down the path of ever more restrictive and deterrence-based policies and practices, or to redouble efforts that engage other countries in the region through meaningful co-operation and collaboration.”

Mr Towle’s comments came as another two boats, together carrying 229 asylum-seekers, were intercepted by authorities — including a boat branded with a boxing kangaroo that was taken to Christmas Island.

Retiring Liberal MP Judi Moylan also warned on the detention of asylum-seeker children in her valedictory address to parliament yesterday. “If we are committed to stopping the deaths at sea, in this most intransigent of political arenas, our parliament must find a way to forge a national consensus on this matter before we can possibly entertain any hope of achieving a regional consensus.”

I say fuck the UN!

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  1. Mr. Towle’s comments are of little value – the situation on the ground is that these people are not refugees, and that the majority of them will cause significant problems. He is welcome to provide for them himself.

  2. Correction: islam is the largest crime syndicate in the world – the UN is simply their corrupt local welfare office.

    ALL Western countries should pull out of the UN (Ummah Nations) propaganda den before it’s too late; the time for indulgently pretending to believe the islamic lies (that it’s a “religion” at all, much less one “Of Peace;” or a “race” at all, much less one of “Ooor, Oppressed, People Of Colour”) is long past.

    No problem was ever solved by ignoring it, so it’s high time we told these savage barbarian criminals that we won’t stand for their holy mobster’s extortion racket any longer: BAN ISLAM!

  3. Women and children, willing to sign a legally binding contract forbidding them from wearing the veil and agreeing to work for a living get to stay.
    All the adult men get sent back.

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