European governments speak as enemies of Israel

Europe’s “Moral Values”

by Guy Millière/Gatestone

European governments speak as enemies of Israel, behave as enemies of Israel and take decisions only enemies of Israel would take. They are at war with Israel. There is no doubt they hope for results similar to those at Auschwitz, just by other means. If moral values are what Israelis and Jews are looking for in Europe, they are looking in the wrong place.


For nearly two millennia, the European continent has been a land of persecution and hatred for the Jewish people. The blood libels and the vilest accusations against the Jews have been accompanied by violence, pogroms, and confinement in ghettos and of course death camps. Eight decades ago, in the 1930’s, anti-Semitism was considered honorable and aroused few objections. Later, the Nazi machine set into motion the “final solution,” and zealous collaborators existed in virtually all of continental Europe. “Willing executioners” were not only Germans far from it.  —Continue Reading


Hezbollah’s Wonderful Wings

by Douglas Murray

Last Monday the EU bravely managed to ban what it terms the “military wing” of the terrorist group Hezbollah. It has not, of course, banned the “political wing.”–Continue Reading


Playing for Islam Against Ourselves

By Daniel Greenfield

We are no longer bidding for the Muslim world as an ally. We are bidding to prevent it from being our enemy. But the very people we are bidding for, already see us as the enemy. We are not going to change that with free weapons and speeches praising their enlightenment. (Mullah)

4 thoughts on “European governments speak as enemies of Israel”

  1. The Governments of Europe, especially that of The United Kingdom make me sick to the stomach. They publicly say ‘we have Israels back’, without mentioning the knife! They pander, placate and romance the hideous fascism of Islam, at a time when one of their own is beheaded on the streets of the capitol. They support the non-existent ‘state of Palestine’, as if it once existed prior to 1948, as well as facilitate their sworn agenda to exterminate ALL Jews, stupidly ignoring the fact that these vile abomi-nations of Islam will not stop there!
    The people of Europe, in their media/state imposed ignorance of the facts, sit on their fat backsides, as if watching some B rated soap opera.
    If Israel falls, WE ALL FALL…..
    May whatever God in heaven (which is not of the moon or called Allan) help us all…..

  2. Folks – am not certain but it seems that the ALP goons are hiring the media scum that put Obama into power.

  3. Of course the antisemites in the EU are embracing Hezbollah, as it is a legitimate outlet for their antisemitism without needing to be embarrassed or shamed of the events of WW2.

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