Holy Ramadan Bombaton

Bloody Ramadan. First, there was a  ‘Ridiculous’ Confusion over Start of Ramadan… (Seems to be rather common….)

Then the carnage started.

Ramadan Bomb-a-thon blast wounds 8 soldiers in Thailand (Pamela Geller)

The Religion of Peace keeps score:


Moderate’ Indonesia: Only 282 Cases of Religious Violence…


Holy Qur’ap… not that time of year again!

Oh it’s time alright… for our annual Ramadan Bombathon scorecard, which we tally for those critics who ask: “What about other religions?

Each year, during Islam’s holiest month, we keep track of deadly terror
attacks that occur in the name of any religion, then categorize and count
them.  (For good measure, we even throw in killings by “Islamophobes’). (TROP)

Muslims Call For Civil War in UK

Is everyone blind in UK politics? All over Europe this behaviour is widespread with no go areas for non Muslims spreading rapidly. 

Tariq Ramadan peddles his usual sly jihad:

The relationship between Ramadan and Jihad (fighting) in the way of Allah

Rarely a month witnessed so many battles for fighting for the sake of Allah and the achievement of great conquests and victories of Islam like the month of Ramadan.--Muhammad Ali `Abdul-Wahhab

“FATWA THIS!” Bob Beckel says U.S. needs to stop building mosques until we figure out who the terrorists are…

Beckel is a repugnant putz and a hardcore commie. But when he’s right he’s right:

Bob Beckel is turning into a regular surprise. In a segment on Boko Haram burning school children alive over the weekend in Nigeria, Beckel called Muslim clerics everywhere cowards for not speaking out against such horrors and said America needs to stop building mosques until we can determine who the terrorist really are.

Looks like there are too many muselmaniacs in Canberra:

Memorise it:

Brotherhood operative Mohammed Akram:

[Our] work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house. — Memorandum, Muslim Brotherhood in North America, 1981

“New Jihad Group”- same as old jihad group:

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