How romantic: Paki cricket Muslim Wasim Akram to marry Melbourne woman

Multiculti  Moonbats will see this as just another form of ‘interfaith’ & diversity enrichment. Racist bigot Islamophobes like us stick to facts, and the facts are fuggly:

Three Christian boys murdered by police for dating Muslim girls…..

“Islamic law forbids Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men, although Muslim men may marry non-Muslim women.”

Islam makes it easy to get in, impossible to get out. Jemima Khan got away, but will Saniera Thompson be that lucky?

 Jemima Goldsmith  is the daughter of a billionaire. This Jewish moonbat converted to Islam before the two got married.  She got out alive. Others are usually not that lucky……..

Jemima & Khan


PAKISTAN cricket great Wasim Akram is engaged to marry Melbourne woman Shaniera Thompson.

“Ms Thompson has converted to Islam….” of course:

“It was the romantic moment of my life because it was so genuine,” she said.
A former public relations consultant from Brighton, Ms Thompson has converted to Islam, and will call Pakistan home.   Akram’s first wife, Huma, died in 2009. They had two boys, now aged 15 and 12.

Does anyone know what she died of?
Some of our readers might remember this one:

Mother who won child custody battle against Saudi prince plunges to her death from luxury Paris apartment just days after telling relatives she felt ‘threatened’

Suicide has been ruled out, Miss Cohen-Ahnine’s lawyer claims….. (the killers were never caught…..)

Some  women do  get away with their lives:

2 thoughts on “How romantic: Paki cricket Muslim Wasim Akram to marry Melbourne woman”

  1. She has no idea what she is in for both mentally, emotionally and physically. I do. Why aren’t we getting our message out there yet? I have been trying to tell people about Islam for seven years now, and I am heartened to learn that many of our Older Australians really get it. Some, tell of their grandfathers experience in Egypt, others have serving sons in Afghanistan and other Middle Eastern theatres, but they know the danger and just cant believe why our governments are not informing their own people about the truth of this cult.

    I have spoken to our policewomen who have served in our Muslim suburbs in Sydney and they know it only too well, but our media and our both parties of government just say they are lovely people. Like hell they are. They are thieving, raping, maiming drug lords and gun runners and brothel owners of the worst order in our society. They have many wives, and this is against the law. They are centrelink frauds, I know this, and I know the people doing it. However, they are never investigated. Our cries for help from the authorities are ignored and we as a society are struggling to support these people. The Australian working people are really doing it tough, 45 thousand mothers and their children are sleeping rough in our trains and streets. We have heard this week about the poor old elderly Australians and their dreadful treatment in Nursing Homes. Yet, we find housing for every queue jumper that comes to our shores and we are suffering. The average Aussie is suffering to pay for this big fraud put upon Australia’s sons and daughters. What more can I say? Rise up Australia. Before it is too late.

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