Hussein Obama’s Plan B for the Brotherhood

Plan A couldn’t keep Morsi in power. Plan B intends to finish what Obama’s Cairo speech started by putting the Muslim Brotherhood back on the throne.— Daniel Greenfield


Egyptian Intifada Begins:

Army Kills Over 40 Muslim Brotherhood Demonstrators

From the Religion of Peace:

Obama ignores modern-day Arab slavery victims during his African odyssey.

The future must not belong to those who slander the profit of Islam:

Confirmed: Obama Aligned With Muslim Brotherhood To Have Role In Egyptian Government

Similar to Obama’s call for Odinga to play a role in Africa (in which Odinga is now calling all the shots)—Obama specifically is calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to have a role in Egyptian government. Translation: Put the Muslim Brotherhood back into complete control. There is no compromising with the Muslim Brotherhood.  (GWP)

Western education is ‘haram’


No need to go to Kenya, the sharia is already in place:

He will always stick with his Muslim brothers:


Impeachment: The Unthinkable Process

No American President has ever been forced from office due to impeachment. 

But no president ever was openly hostile  and determined  to destroy the U.S. like the Marxist Muslim Obama. No U.S. president ever engaged in the ‘fundamental transformation’ of the nation.


3 thoughts on “Hussein Obama’s Plan B for the Brotherhood”

  1. The Ikhwan regime, though democratically elected, has deconstructed the democratic legitimacy of the one-time election process by becoming an isolated oppressive elite ruling the country at the expense of all other citizens. One election rendered Mursi a legal President, but by his anti-democratic actions, the legitimacy of his presidency was lost.

    Dr Walid Phares:

  2. is obama being kept out of the loop (plausible deniability) or are they practicing deception. the us trained their soldiers.

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