Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK –

The youtube entry claims “Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up”- which is overly optimistic.

Jack Straw is one of the chief engineers who enabled the Mohammedan invasion. His phoney equivocations and his idiotic weasel words should not help him dodge responsibility for the irreparable damage he caused.

Mohammed Shafiq is typically lying when he says ‘Islam has nothing to do with it’-Islam has everything to do with. Sex slavery is as Islamic as the kaaba in Mecca; because the profit of Islam did it. All his blather should be shoved up his arse!



2 thoughts on “Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK –”

  1. video – I see they are still unwilling to see the real evil.
    And I would like to see the host look into the eyes of all those young girls and say “its all in the past”, we know it’s just beginning.

  2. The authorities & politicians need to stop Pussy Footing around, and treating this Ritual Gang Abuse of Young White Girls Seriously.

    It is definitely a Racial and cultural thing, the Muslim men are abusing the young white daughters of this country in a Systematic way. their intentions are to ruin these girls and for the lack of better words, Take them out of the market to become a respect wife and produce white English children, Muslims want to see masses of Muslim children being produced in this country, but at the same time they want to destroy any future white english breeding females.
    It is their way of speeding up the Muslim take over of Britain.

    The philosophy is much the same as when Afro Caribean men started to take up relationships with a white females
    We have all heard that famous saying “Once you’ve had a Black, you won’t go back”
    That saying was true, but not for the reason of a Black man having a Bigger penis than a white man, (has black men would brag)
    The real reason was, Black men were on a mission to get as many white girls pregnant as possible.
    These white girls would very rarely form a relationship with a white man ever again, (Because White men would not take on a woman with a Black baby) so the White women would be passed around black men for the rest of their lives or be left as a single parent.

    These Asian Gangs are using the same type of mind set, Except they are being much more Vicious, and criminal in their methods,

    They not only want to totally disrespect the young white girls of Britain, they want to make money out of it too !!!

    Make no mistake about it, these acts are well known about within the Muslim communities, which are growing ang spreading every day.

    It’s a Vile and Violent culture of people, whom have no respect for Christian views or modern western society, But they do want our Country

    Muslims & islam is Like Cancer, They get into a Country and Spread until they Kill the Host. !!!!

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