Ramadan Bomb-a-thon Countdown


U.S. Plan To Send Fighter Jets To Egypt Still On

Don’t say Obama is a Muslim:

U.S. Ambassador threatens Egypt on behalf of Muslim Brotherhood


U.S. ambassador Anne Patterson demanded that Egyptian General Sisi release all Muslim Brotherhood members currently being held for questioning: “And when Sisi rejected this order, the American ambassador began threatening him that Egypt will turn into another Syria and live through a civil war, to which Sisi responded violently: ‘Neither you nor your country can overcome Egypt and its people.’”


Pamela Geller:

Holy Bombs:

Ramadan Bomb-a-thon: 15-year-old Jihad Bomber Strikes Afghan-Pakistan Border Gate

A 15-year-old suicide bomber pushing an explosives-laden refrigerator on a wheelbarrow struck one of the two main border gates between Pakistan and Afghanistan on Thursday, the second attack on the busy crossing in under a week.

Ramadan Bomb-a-thon: Jihad Bombers Strike Somali capital

On pro-al-Shabab websites, the jihadist group said it targeted the convoy because a number of US officials were travelling in it.


Jihadis murder 19 with bomb in cafe full of people ending day’s Ramadan fast

Ramadan: the month of jihad. “Iraqi city of Kirkuk hit by deadly bomb attack,” from theBBC, July 12  (JW)

Integrity at al Jizz?

Terror TV: ‘We aired lies’: Al Jazeera staff quit after being forced to be pro-Muslim Brotherhood on air

More proof of why terror TV should be kept off the US airwaves.

At least 22 staffers at the Al Jazeera network in Egypt quit in protest of the network’s coverage of events in Egypt. Al Jazeera is an Islamic propaganda outfit owned by Qatari ruler Al Thani.   It’s based in Doha, Qatar. The journalists claim that the network’s management made them take a pro-Muslim Brotherhood stance on air during the military coup last week in Cairo.  (Is water wet? Do bears shit in the woods?)

Indonesia: the annual Ramadan alcohol raids

Ramadan begins as devout Muslims raid ‘sinful’ bars, police steamrollering a mountain of alcohol in moderate Indonesia– Ramadan begins as hardliners target ‘sinful’ bars in Indonesia The Telegraph, July 10, 2013


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