The “Chrislam” Brigades, Jihad, Cowardice & the Appalling Stupidity of the West

“Ramadan Mubarak”

This is what David Camoron, Nick Clegg and the Milibandits support?  I spit on these fools:

UK: Teachers denied 10-year-old schoolboy water on hottest day of year to avoid offending Muslims observing Ramadan

Easy to see which group is in charge in Britain.

Anyway, it is fitting that this happened at Charles Dickens Primary School. Remember what happened to Oliver Twist when he asked for more gruel.

“Teachers ‘denied schoolboy, 10, water on the hottest day of the year to avoid upsetting Muslim pupils during Ramadan,'” by James Rush for the Daily Mail, July 12 via JW.

Iran’s Secret ‘Interfaith’ Outreach in America

The disturbing extent of the Mullahs’ money and influence in the U.S.

“Abrahamic” BS in Italy

Envoys from Abrahamic religions meet in Italy (Mullah)

Brought to you by Iran Press TV and the  genocidal mullahs of Iran

The Baptist-Brotherhood Political Alliance

Another interfaith triumph for ISNA.

Texas Mega-Church Leader Partners with Muslim Brotherhood Front

Unmasking the stealth jihadists and their “interfaith” collaborators.

Al Jazeera pushed the revolution and then it became the voice of a tyranny.

Even Arab Media Getting Sick of Al Jazeera’s Muslim Brotherhood Propaganda

The amazing part isn’t that this happened, but that the Washington Post wrote an honest account of what Al Jazeera is and even quoted Memri.

Why would Al Jazeera have any journalistic independence? The very notion is a Western idea. Qatar isn’t spending money on Al Jazeera except for the sole purpose of controlling its content.

No Einstein to see here, that would be un-Islamic:

European Study Finds Name “Mohammed” Linked to “Academic Failure”

With academic failure comes  economic failure. But as long as Muselmaniacs are threatening  to kill and die in the name of allah the terrified infidels can always relied upon to pay the jiziya with willing submission ….

 “Jihad is inner struggle”

Pakistan Taliban sets up base in Syria to monitor “the needs of the jihad”

These are the people we will be aiding in Syria: the ones we’re paying the duplicitous Pakistani government to fight against. “Pakistan Taliban ‘sets up a base in Syria,'” by Ahmed Wali Mujeeb for the BBC, July 12 (thanks to JW)

Who needs peacekeepers when you got Islam already?

Somalia: Jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber misunderstands his Religion of Peace, hits peacekeeping convoy, murdering two civilians

“We are behind the martyrdom explosion … The Americans were our main target.” “Bomber hits peacekeepers in Somalia, two civilians dead,” by Abdi Sheikh for Reuters, July 12

Words of wisdom:

“If al Shabaab are Muslims, they would not kill Muslims during Ramadan,” he said, referring to the holy Islamic month which began this week….

Yeah, that never happens.


3 thoughts on “The “Chrislam” Brigades, Jihad, Cowardice & the Appalling Stupidity of the West”

  1. Told ya that they’d all circle the wagons against us, hold hands and sing kumbahya while our blood flowed in the streets. All they care about is staying in power by keeping us under their heel. As long as we’re stupid enough to believe the superstitions they spew, I guess we deserve it. I see more and more liberal dhimmified Christians and Jews posting on articles on MSN & Yahoo. Like Islam isn’t a problem enough by itself.

  2. Water is a basic necessity of life. To deny it to a child with the offensive excuse that satisfying his real physical needs might somehow offend the superstitiously indoctrinated fake feelings and mere wants of others is beyond cruel – it’s bu definition inhuman, and so the so-called ‘teacher’ (abuser) should be staked out in the hot sun in a muslim country for his crimes. Then his needs should be ignored until others feel like they might want to not let him die, their subjective opinions should trump his objective needs to water; fair is fair!

  3. Re: “deputy head Lisa Florence said they will be speaking with Luke and the teacher, and stated she was sorry my children felt they could not drink.”

    i.e: Victim-blaming insult added to the injury: She wasn’t sorry the kid was denied water, she was only sorry the kid FELT he could not drink!

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