Ramadan Jihad 2013 Updates: “Down with peaceful solutions”

“Down with peaceful solutions”

Its not that anyone in the progressive West would have a problem with that. Israel, Jews, Zionists are the real problem:  Pro-Morsi demonstration at Al-Aqsa Mosque: U.S., France, Britain to be destroyed, Rome to be conquered

John Kerry Cites Israel-Palestinian Issue as “Core” Reason for Mideast “Instability” 

Dumb and dumber:

Wrong, John. The core reason is Islam and its supremacist doctrines. If you don’t get that, you don’t get anything. (Scaramouche)

Dhimmitude, Alas, in Jerusalem, as Muslims Squatting on the Jews’ Holiest Sacred Site Prevent Jews From Praying There – and Israel’s Police Fail to Challenge the Muslims

Ramadan observance in Iraq:

Remember: this is not hate. This is something that most media outlets won’t even note. But if a non-Muslim points it out, and points out how its perpetrators justify it by reference to Islamic texts and teachings, that “hate:”

Ramadan interfaith outreach in Nigeria:

Muslims murder dozens of Christians and destroy church buildings

Thousands of Christians have fled their homes. But don’t worry, Bishop: none of this will be mentioned at your “dialogue” session at the local mosque this evening. “Dozens of Christians Killed in Plateau State, Nigeria,” from Morning Star News, July 19: (JW)


Muslims force closure of 17 churches

Here again, we see the reality beyond the propaganda and hysteria: around the world Muslims are increasingly victimizing and persecuting Christians, while the UN holds hearings about “Islamophobia.” “Aceh, increasing intolerance against Christians: 17 house churches closed,” by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News, July 18 (thanks to The Religion of Peace, punctuation as in original, JW)

Baby Come Back:

Taliban urge schoolgirl they shot to return to Pakistan, “study and learn the book of Allah”

It was all because she was ignorant of Islam, you see. “Malala Yousafzai urged by Taliban to come back, join madrassa,” from the PTI, July 17 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Islamabad: Days after Malala Yousufzai made a passionate appeal at the UN for the education of children, the Taliban on Wednesday asked the teenage activist to return to Pakistan and join a madrassa in the restive northwest.

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  1. It doesnt matter what time of year it is these apes will commit their crimes
    Case No. Informant/Respondent Defendant/Applicant Location Hearing Date
    D11707570 LS.CON BRUCE, A BULTAN, ABDUL HADI Heidelberg Magistrates’ Court 01/08/2013
    D12046799 S.CONS WILKINSON, P BULTAN, HALUK Melbourne Magistrates’ Court – Criminal 26/09/2013

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