Blessed Lice


Just 1400 years? For the soldiers of allah, its just like yesterday:

 Free Syrian Army Instructions: “It is forbidden to kill believer lice growing in blessed beards”

“Last week a new fatwa, or religious advisory opinion, appeared in Aleppo prohibiting shaving lice infested beards or attempting to kill the ‘believer lice growing in blessed beards’–Mullah

Drunk On Blood:

Muslim Convert to Christianity: “In Boko Haram we butchered Christians and drunk their blood.“HT: TundraTabloids.

Below, from a shiite site, the little satan and the big one. They still haven’t got Obama’s memo of the unclenched fist…..


 Mohammedan Child Abuse



77% of terror plots are motivated by Islamic jihad doctrine

Pamela Geller makes the case that its more, way more:

Forget about “Nazis”, that’s just BS.

The percentage of “terror” attacks that are Islamic is actually higher. As one commenter pointed out, sharia-compliant and/or PC government officials “include violent criminal acts in terrorism definition so that the percentage of real terrorist acts by Muslims goes down.”

The definition of terror is what, exactly? It seems that any act of violence is deemed terror; maybe the word almost useless. George Bush obfuscated the enemy from the very first. It wasn’t the war on terror (how silly, how about the war on bombs?). It was the war on jihad.

And these numbers don’t necessarily add up:

 From the media coverage accorded to each threat, one would think those percentages would be reversed. “Counterterrorism Expert: Threat of Homegrown Terror Has Escalated,” by Ellison Barber for the Washington Free Beacon, August 16

Syrian rebels’ Damascus chemical cache found by Syrian Army

The Syrian army has discovered a storehouse belonging to rebels in the Damascus area of Jobar, where toxic chemical substances – including chlorine – have been produced and kept, State TV reported.

Military sources reported that the militants “were preparing to fire mortars in the suburbs of the capital and were going to pack missiles with chemical warheads.”

A video shot by RT’s sister channel Russia Al Youm shows an old, partly ruined building which was set up as a laboratory. After entering the building, Syrian Army officers found scores of canisters and bags laid on the floor and tables. According to a warning sign on the bags, the “corrosive” substance was made in Saudi Arabia.

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  1. The islamists are almost certainly trying to get the West involved, and to this end I would say that the principal suspects for chemical weapon warfare are the islamists. It is rather easy to fool people like Cameron and Obama. Some islamist will be talking to Cameron this week I believe.

  2. If Islam and German Nat. Socialism are not related, why did Hitler title his book MyJihad?

  3. I just had visions of the blessed lice running around screaming “get me out of here, it stinks”

  4. Muslims believe that Muhammad is the most virtuous person who has ever lived. His benefits include not only his wisdom and character, but also extend to his rinse water, exocrine glands, and even his excretory system. Numerous authentic Hadiths describe his followers almost fighting to gain access to and smear over themselves the water he used to wash himself (Vol 1, Book 4, Numbers 187, 188). Young Muslims are regularly taught that the prophet’s sweat was more fragrant than musk and his perspiration shone like pearls. A detailed online article was written about the blessed urine of the Beloved Messenger after Syrian scholar Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi was criticized for saying at an international Islamic conference in London that he wished he could be the pure and medicinal urine that passed out of Muhammad’s body.

    Therefore, it is exceedingly strange to find that Muhammad had lice:

    1. The Sunan of Abu Dawud al-Sajistani (Book 19, Number 3074) as well as the Jamia al-Asul of Ibn Kathir and the Sunan al-Kubra of Imam al-Bayhaqi relate that a woman named Zainab was picking lice from the head of the Prophet (it is unclear from the texts if this is the daughter-of-law and cousin of Muhammad whom he married after she divorced his son Zayd, or another woman with the same name).

    2. Abu al-Qasim al-Tabarani in his Al-Mujam al-Kabeer relays an account by Umm Salama that she was picking lice from the head of the prophet when a woman named Zainab came to see her. Umm Salama stopped picking the lice as he lifted her head to talk to Zainab, but Muhammad angrily told her not to stop; she could talk to Zainab and pick his lice at the same time.

    3. Ibn Jawzi in Kashf al-Mushkil writes that the Prophet liked to take his afternoon nap in the house of Anas Ibn Malik’s aunt, and she would pick the lice off his head.

    4. Abu Umar Ibn Abdel Barr in his book Tamhid writes that Umm Haram relayed that the Prophet used to come to her house and fall asleep in her lap while she picked his lice.

    5. Jalal al-Din al Sayuti in al-Durr al-Mansur writes that Akramah said that a woman named Khawlah came to the Prophet to complain about her husband while another woman was picking the lice from Muhammad’s head. As Khawlah began speaking Muhammad lifted his head distractedly towards the sky, causing the woman to exclaim, “Khawlah, can’t you stop talking? Don’t you see what you are doing to the Prophet?”

    Note that it seems as if everywhere the Prophet went he needed women to pick the lice from his hair, including but not limited to the five women listed above.

    The Ulama (Muslim scholars of al-Azhar University) should explain to us why the head of the Prophet was so filled with lice that everywhere he went he needed women to remove them, especially since their Quran describes Christians as najiseen (filthy), considering whose head was really covered with lice?

    Do the Arabic texts also give the reasons for lice?

    In his Book of Animals, al Jahiz said that Abu-Qathifa asked his friends if they knew were lice came from. When they replied they did not, he told them that lice gathered when they passed gas and did not clean themselves. Later in the same book, al-Jahiz wrote that lice multipled from unclean perspiration, dirty clothing, and unwashed hair. In his Book of Medicine, Physician al-Razi wrote that lice increased when people rarely took baths. Shaykh al-Nasafi noted in his book Tilbat al-Talabah that “filth brings lice”. Ibn Samoun wrote in Amali that lice grow in places that are not clean.

    Did the Prophet have so many lice because he was unclean?

    What do Arabic sources say about someone who has lice?

    Abu Husayn Zakaria in The Encyclopedia of Language as saying, “Lice indicates vulgarity and oppression. The person with lice is vulgar and an oppressor.”

  5. Abu Husayn Zakaria insulted the prophet! Was he hanged, stoned, beheaded???

  6. @Uncle Vladdi

    RE: “Numerous authentic Hadiths describe his followers almost fighting to gain access to and smear over themselves the water he used to wash himself (Vol 1, Book 4, Numbers 187, 188).”

    Equates to idolatrous worship that should have died out with the man.
    Good Lord, there seems to be a serious preoccupation with bodily effluence and this religion.

    If this is the spiritual philosophy you spend your time deeply pondering you may not be doing something right.

    1. Fatwa: Smearing Saliva, Drinking Prophet’s uh…bodily fluids

      Bodily fluid fatwa recently issued by the Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Ali Gomaa:

      Egyptian Mufti: The Companions of the Prophet Blessed Themselves with His Urine, Sweat and Saliva.

      ”This blessing,“ Al-Gum’a added, ”[can also] be done with the honorable saliva, sweat, hair, urine or blood of the Prophet. This is because anyone who knows the love of the Messenger of Allah is not repulsed [by these]; just as a mother is not repulsed by the feces of her son, this is even more so [in the case of] our Lord the Messenger of Allah, whom we love more than our fathers, sons, and wives. Anyone who was or is repulsed by the Messenger of Allah must recant his faith.“

      Incidentally, Ali Gomaa has been meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, discussing how to improve the teaching of Islam in Britain lately.

      Sheikh Ali Gomaa is the Grand Mufti of Egypt succeeding Ahmad El-Tayeb. He is considered to be one of the most respected and qualified traditional Islamic scholars alive. He specializes in the science of the foundations of Islamic Law, viz Usul al-fiqh. He follows the Shafi`i school of Islamic juruspudence. –

      Of course, the resulting pile-on by various and sundry Muslim apologists has effectively muffled and squelched Dr. Gomaa’s voice, and threatened to permanently obliterate his previous reputation as “one of the most respected and qualified traditional Islamic scholars alive”. Some of their comments from the same article:

      Whether the story of Umm Ayman is true or not, it should not be retold by the mufti.
      In the past, clerics said that one does not have to reveal everything one knows.
      others stated that the fatwa was for Islamic scholars, not for the masses
      “Following the ensuing uproar, Gum’a came to the defense of his fatwa, saying: “The entire body of the Prophet, whether exposed or hidden, is pure, and there is nothing in it- including his secretions – that [can] repulse anyone. His sweat smelled better than perfume. Umm Haram would collect this sweat and distribute it to the people of Al-Madina.” ”

      “Dr. Gum’a added: “The hadith of Suhail bin Omar at Al-Hudaybiya says: ‘Oh Lord, I was with Kisra [the ruler of Persia] and with Kaisar [the ruler of Byzantium] and I saw no instance in which the leader was glorified like the Companions of the Prophet glorified Muhammad. The second Muhammad spat, one of them would immediately hasten [to grab his saliva] and smear it upon his face.’ Hence, the ulema, including Ibn Hajar Al-Askalani, Al-Baihaqi, Al-Daraqutni and Al-Haythami, determined that the Prophet’s entire body was pure.” ”

      This esteemed scholar seems to be making a case for the prophet’s “purity” bordering on deification. Notice the original fatwa declares: “Anyone who was or is repulsed by the Messenger of Allah must recant his faith.”

      smearing saliva on their faces? ewwwwww.

  7. Tony Blair is NOT the PM of the UK. Who is the idiot that wrote this drivel. A muslim, no doubt.

  8. Ummm if not mistaken its written retrospectively , when Blair WAS pm.

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