Muslim Policeman charged with leaking plans to arrest Anjem Choudary

Policeman charged with leaking plans to arrest Anjem Choudary to his wife who worked for George Galloway 


“I will always stand with my muslim brothers, right or wrong…” Anjem Choudary

Obviously, these Muslims stand with Anjem Choudary, their muslim brother. Isn’t that enough reason to ban all muslims from the police, the judiciary, the military or any other government position?


More examples of Muslim corruption and lack of moral probity infecting our legal system. From the Daily Mail.

A Met Police officer leaked details of plans to arrest hate preacher Anjem Choudary to his wife while she was working for MP George Galloway, a court heard today.

Detective Inspector Mohammed Afiz Khan, 46, from Yorkshire, is accused of passing confidential information to his wife Aisha Ali-Khan while he was at the helm of the Muslim Contact Unit – part of the force’s Counter Terrorism Command.

Ali-Khan, 33, who worked as the Bradford West MP’s parliamentary secretary, is said to have asked her husband to use his position to investigate the source of a string of e-mails and obtain personal details.


In addition to the alleged leak concerning the radical Islamist cleric, Khan is also accused of obtaining CCTV footage from South Yorkshire Police without a valid reason.

The couple appeared together to face the charges during a brief hearing at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. The two defendants were charged last month following a Met probe into alleged wrongdoing,
Khan is accused of improperly accessing the CCTV between March 16 and April 30, and of leaking details of Mr Choudary’s arrest on May 22 last year (and)  two counts of misconduct in a public office and four counts of breaching the Data Protection Act.

Ali-Khan is accused of asking her husband to commit misconduct in a public office on August 24 last year (and) two counts of encouraging the commission of offences.

Judge Arbuthnot freed the pair, both of Keighley, West Yorkshire, on unconditional bail. They are due to appear at Southwark Crown Court on August 28.  Neither defendant entered any pleas to the charges.

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  1. give them, education,position titles, status they are still muslems. out(side the)laws.

  2. Agree Harbidoll – no muslim who has been given a position of responsibility can be trusted.

  3. ALL muslims are criminals, simply by dint of their participation in the intrinsic death-threat inherent in their status of being members of the ancient, ongoing extortion racket CRIME syndicate known as islam.

    Even their very own sharia crime (“law”) manuals reflect this, declaring all muslims to be “objects of fear” to all the non-muslims in the world, whether or not the individual muslim has itself actually committed any crimes.

    This is exactly why we in the West do have laws against crime-gang membership, so why on earth would we allow these criminals to “police” the rest of us law-abiding Citizens?!

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