Nothing says “hate” in Arabic like calling your opponents Jews.

Egypt: Both sides accuse the other of being agents of the Jews  (Jihad Watch)

Here is a reminder that the foes of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt are not made up entirely of democratic pluralists. Among them are some (at least) who cling to age-old hatreds, and indulge in the same kneejerk reaction as their opponents do: that any foe, any enemy, must be an agent or stooge of the ubiquitous cosmic enemy, the Jews, whom the Qur’an designates as “the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers” (5:82).

“Egyptian Association for Change Spokesman: Muslim Brotherhood Implements the Methods of the Jews,” from MEMRI, August 14:

Following are excerpts from a statement by Ahmad Taha Al-Naqr, spokesman of the Egyptian Association for Change, which aired on ON TV on August 14, 2013.Ahmad Taha Al-Naqr: I’d like to focus on the connection between the Jews and the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB have adopted the policy of the Jews, and they are implementing it to the letter, with respect to the invasion of the media, presenting an image of eternal victims…

They use violence and view others as Gentiles. The Jews always say that non-Jews are Gentiles and that it is permitted to kill them – Gentiles can be killed or banished, like they do to the Palestinians.

The [August 14] Rabaa massacre was orchestrated in the same style as the historical Masada massacre of the Jews, so that the MB would be able to continue to harp on about it, thus justifying foreign intervention in the affairs of Egypt. They actually demanded such foreign intervention. Anyone demanding intervention in his country’s affairs is committing high treason. They simply clone and implement the image of the Jews.

And the flip side:

“Al-Jazeera Commentator, Former MB Official, Gamal Nassar: Al-Sisi Is Jewish, Implementing Protocols of Elders of Zion in Egypt,” from MEMRI, August 17:

Following are excerpts from a statement made by Gamal Nassar, former media secretary to the General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, which aired on the Al-Jazeera network on August 17, 2013.Gamal Nassar: I was trying to figure out Al-Sisi’s origins. I wanted to know more about him. I was surprised to learn, from the Algerian Al-Watan newspaper, that Al-Sisi is of Jewish origin. His mother is called Mulaika Titani, and her brother was a member of the Jewish Haganah organization. Thus, we see that this man, by any standard, is implementing a Zionist plan to divide Egypt.


This man, who heads the armed forces today, is committing a crime, in the full sense of the word. Many massacres have taken place. In my opinion, if decisive measures are not taken, the massacres will continue. Al-Sisi has come to destroy everything.


Within the framework of his plot, he wants to ignite civil war, in order to portray himself as trying to protect state institutions, while he, in fact, is the one who is burning them down. He portrays himself as trying to defend national security, while he, in fact, is undermining it. In short, he wants to set the state of Egypt ablaze.

This is a Zionist plot, and I am willing to be held responsible for what I say. Whoever reads The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the writings of [the Jews], including those who were writing in the U.S., realizes that this plot was premeditated.

3 thoughts on “Nothing says “hate” in Arabic like calling your opponents Jews.”

  1. premeditated, muslems would Never fight against each other or the non-muslem.its not hallal it Must be a plot or “conspiracy.

  2. that’s the big joke of this situation…Blame it on Israel, CIA and Mossad plot…and everyone is happy.
    ….for now the Army did NOT blame them of killing the 25 policemen…, let’s see

  3. Sure, a little misdirection by blaming the Jews for ….??? Insert reason here, never hurt anyone.

    Just ask that, shrewd Machiavelli, Yasser Arafat. It got him and his Mrs a few billion in the bank and a flat in Paris. Not bad. Not bad at all, especially when all you have to do is show up and scream about the Jews.

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