“….there is fire everywhere and the beneficiaries are the Jews.”

Verily, you will find the strongest among men in enmity to the believers (Muslims) the Jews and those who are Al-Mushrikun–005:082

Jews ‘benefitting’ from  firebombs and rocks?

This morning:

A Pali hospital official says three Arabs were killed and more than a dozen wounded in clashes with Israeli troops in the West Bank.

Border police spokesman Shai Hakimi said officers were on a raid to apprehend a terror suspect, who was released from prison a month ago, when over 1,500 Pals poured into the streets and attacked the officers with firebombs and rocks.Video of incident in Qalandiya (EoZ)

Dhaka-Bangladesh-Proteste-005-590x358Jews benefiting?

Today’s Fartwa

Egyptian media is reporting that popular and influential TV preacher Amr Khaled has issued a fatwa, on a leaked video, for the Egyptian army to kill Muslim Brotherhood members.–Egyptian preacher: Killing MB more important that fighting Jews  (EoZ)

Quack Attack

Extremist far-right groups have been trying to spread freemasonry and Zionist principles in order to remove Islam from Europe.  Islamophobia Aiming to Replace Divine Religions with Freemasonry (Mullah)

Protecting the invading Muslim armies:

French minister: Attack on mosque means attack on France

France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls said on Sunday any attack on a mosque would be tantamount to an attack on the republic. …  More islamophilia at World Bulletin (Mullah)

The disbelievers are deaf, dumb and blind, therefore they have no sense.” 2:171.

Israel’s enmity towards Iran is the problem?

For the NYT it is.

A couple of tweets, and the NY Times is in love with Rouhani


More benefits and blessings from the Religion of Peace:

(US) ‘Interfaith’ Imam: ‘If Islam is the Basis, the Non-Muslim Will Not Be Equal’ to the Muslim…

(thanks to TT)

Shakir: “The Christian or the Jew will be a dhimmi [second-class citizen].They won’t be equal with the Muslim.”


4 thoughts on ““….there is fire everywhere and the beneficiaries are the Jews.””

  1. it wasn’t but a few decades ago when quite a few people in Europe were saying the jews were the main “issue” there then. things change NOT.

  2. Connecting the dots,..
    (1) The ‘mainstream’ media pushes the politically correct notion that ALL cultures/religions/races are equal.
    (2)Based, on #1 above,the ‘mainstream’ media pushes the idea, that any opposition to the mass immigration of these savage Muslim barbarian, culture destroyers, is just, small minded, hateful bigotry and that mass immigration is a really good, cultural enriching thing.
    (3) The mainstream media is under ‘total Zionist Jewry control.

    Question being,. What is the logical conclusion to be drawn when you connect the dots 1-2-3 above,.?

    1. Yes, ..”Total Zionist control”,.
      (1) All major electronic, & print news outlets including, including, but not limited to, all three major TV networks, all major newspapers, all major news magazines, & all major Hollywood studios are controlled by Zionist Jews. So absolutely NOTHING ever reaches the public, that has not been vetted by a Jew censor.
      (2) Jews make up 30% of the US Senate,& Zionist Jews chair every important committee, in congress, concerning, foreign relation, defense, homeland security, education, law enforcement, & immigration etc.etc, Both the president & Vice president have Jew Chiefs of staffs,virtually all presidential appointments, since Clinton, have been Jews. 3 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices are Jews. The Federal Reserve Bank, & virtually all of Wall Street , are Jewish institutions & , together, they control the US money supply, therefore control the US economy, as a whole .. 60 % of all campaign contributions come from Jewish sources. Obama’s whole career has been financed by Jewish money. Jewish publications have”gloated”, that, “Obama is the “First JEWISH” president” Also, Auriel Sharon gloated, that, “The Jewish people control America, & the Americans know it”.
      (3) Then, there is the “Lavon Affair’ where in the 50’s, ZIONIST ISRAELI MOSSOD AGENTS were actually caught in the act of bombing, both America & British interests in Egypt, in an attempt to draw America into a war with Egypt. The Israeli defense minister resigned, but that was all that happened The US news buried the story.
      Likewise the attack on the USS Liberty, an American ship,which was flying a large US flag, was attacked, in 1967, in international waters in broad daylight. The scumsucking Israel’s claim a “mistake”, But they had plenty of time to check with the American Embassey, as it was about 3 hours between their first overflight, & he actual attack. Again an Israeli attempt to get US into war with Egypt
      Israeli agents have been convicted of stealing US, secret & critical, information, which Israel then sold to China.
      So,..Yes, “total Control”, &,with “friends”like the Israelis,..who needs enemies,?
      But ,..hey,..I do share our mutual hostility towards Islam, & the Muzzies, so we do have something in common . I just do not share your notion that the enemy of our common enemy is necessarily our friend.

      And, let’s not forget, that, although the Jew media keeps us all, ever mindful of the “holocaust”, so called, we never ever hear about the murder of some, 20 million to 40 million Russian & Ukrainian Christians, that were starved, or otherwise murdered by the JEWISH Communist Bolshevicks, following the Russian Revolution, & also, the 1 million Armenians that were “genocided” by the “Young Turks in 1915. The Young Turks , being, in fact crypto Jews, who had recently converted to Islam, for political reasons.
      So , based upon the above, I think that I have made my point of total Jewish control of all information flow, resulting in total Zionist power over all things political.
      Cute little sound bites, re- Stormfront, to the contrary, not withstanding,.
      I hope that you will see to it, that this posting reaches public view,..

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