You can have any kind of grub as long as it is halal…..

You can get any kind of grub as long as it is halal:

Danish hospital is not trying to “push the Islamic faith down the throats of non-Muslim patients”, but halal is all you can get:


Denmark Bans Meatballs to Accommodate Muslims “The next thing could be that Danish nurses are forced to go under cover as Muslim women in order to please Muslim patients.” — Martin Henriksen, Spokesman, Danish People’s Party [DF]

No POK in Malmo, Sweden:

“Very Little Pork is Served in Malmo Now”


Pork is rarely on the menu in Malmö’s schools and nurseries. When any is served, there is always a pork-free alternative. But the kitchen does not have enough resources for halal meat. –Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

 “Soaring numbers of acid attacks in the UK”

But reporting on it is “fear mongering” which causes “Islamophobia”.

Acid attacks greatly increase, in the UK. (The ones actually reported.) What you thought was the wondrous smell of “diversity & enrichment” is really the stench of burning flesh.

The number of assaults involving acid throwing and other corrosive substances has tripled in six years in England, official records show.

Romford acid attack victim

In May a woman living in Romford, North East London, was left horrific injuries to her face and upper body, after she opened the door to a stranger, and was squirted with an acidic substance.  Photo: PA