Allah is oft forgiving and merciful

Whatever advances Islam is good, whatever stands in the way of the Islamic juggernaut is bad.  The adherents of the meshugga prophet of Islam can commit unimaginable crimes as long as they kill and die in the way of allah. There is no blame.  The holy murderers are assured of 72 virgins and 28 boys in Moe’s bordello, and since there’s a sucker born every minute the madness will not end until we end it.

Australian-born terror suspect Meliad Farah’s flashy tastes at odds with beliefs

Mark Dunn/ Herald Sun

AN accused Australian terrorist now on the run after a suicide bombing had an interest in flashy Western culture and racy females which was not uncommon for other attackers, experts said.

Although espousing Islamic fundamentalism, Meliad Farah had interests in online poker, bikini-clad women, rapper 50 Cent and singer Shakira.

“While it is certainly true that such activity may appear contradictory, it’s important to recall it is not necessarily uncommon,” David Barnett, a research associate with the Foundation for Defence of Democracies, said.


“(Terrorists) Khaled Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Yousef were known to go to brothels when in the Philippines and some of the 9/11 hijackers were reported to have visited strip clubs.

“Similarly, Anwar al Awlaki is known to have used a couple thousand dollars for prostitutes. “And then there is the porn stash that was found during the raid of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad.”

Up to three Facebook accounts linked to Farah feature scantily clad women and underline his interests in popular Western culture and gambling.

The 32-year-old former Sydney man is believed to be hiding in Lebanon after allegedly building the bomb that killed six in a suicide attack on a tourist bus at Sarafovo airport in Burgas, on Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, on July 18 last year.

Five Israeli tourists and the Bulgarian bus driver were killed and 30 other people were wounded.

Israeli Defence Force special forces are now tracking Farah and an alleged accomplice, Canadian-Lebanese man Hassan El Hajj Hassan.

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  1. cancel his passport. Dont let him come back. We need to have some kind of penalty to the government if they allow these fat windbag hypocrites back in.

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