Bill Warner: its all too horrible to contemplate!

Separating the Kafirs from the Muslims

By Bill Warner/American Thinker

When the al Shabaab jihadi group from Somalia attacked the mall in Kenya, they gathered the crowd together and asked who were Muslims and let them go.  According to the media, they then started killing the non-Muslims who were left.  But “non-Muslims” is not the word what the terrorists would have used.  No, they would have called them Kafirs.  (Actually, they would have called them the Arabic plural of kafir, kuffar.  “Kafirs” is the standard English plural form.)


Watch the WMCTV report, Controversial Festival Booth:

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

Why did members of al Shabaab do this?  Why did they ask the Muslims to leave and keep the Kafirs and start killing them?  Let’s start with the word “terrorists.”  Members of al Shabaab are not terrorists; they are jihadists, or mujahedeen.  That is what they call themselves.

So what difference does it make which words we use?  It makes all the difference in the world.  You cannot think precisely with imprecise words, and a Kafir is much more than non-Muslim.

The word “non-Muslim” does not imply anything, except not being a believer in Islam.

Kafir, on the other hand, has enormous implications.  Kafir is the actual word that the Koran uses for a non-Muslim.  Indeed, one of the many remarkable things about the Koran is that over half of its text is devoted to the Kafir.  Think about that: most of the Koran is not about how to be a Muslim, but about the Kafir.  Every single verse about the Kafir is not just bad, but terrible.  Allah hates Kafirs and plots and schemes against them.  The cruelest punishments await the Kafir in hell, but who cares about that?  The real problem is what is promised to the Kafir in this life — torture, hatred, death, ridicule, rape, enslavement, political domination, and deception.

It is the same with “mujahedeen” or “jihadist” as opposed to “militant” or “terrorist.”  The words “militant” and “terrorist” do not tell anything about the motivation of the militant or terrorist — only that he uses violence.

Notice that the words “non-Muslim” and “terrorist” are not related to each other; they stand alone.  There is no implication of one by the other.  But that is not true about “Kafir” and “jihad.”  Jihad is carried out only against Kafirs.  Jihad implies Kafir, and vice versa.

Jihad and Kafir are part of a system of Islamic politics.  Mohammed preached the religion of Islam for 13 years and garnered 150 followers.  When he turned to politics and jihad, he died ruler of all of Arabia, and every Arab was a Muslim.  The religion of Islam was a failure, and Islam triumphed by the use of politics and jihad — war against the Kafir

Islamic doctrine is found in the Koran, Sunna (Mohammed), and sharia law and divides all of humanity into Muslim and Kafir.  There is no middle ground.  Unfortunately, both Christian and Jewish leaders have bought into the fiction that they are all People of the Book and are brothers in religion.  When you read the fine print (as none of them have done, being professionally ignorant), they are brothers in Abraham who must be politically and religiously subjugated, but that is a small detail.

If jihad, mujahedeen, and Kafir are pure Islamic doctrine, we can now understand why the media refuses to the correct words that Muslims use — it is all too horrible to contemplate.  We are not just having independent terrorist events, such as the West Gate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya or the Boston Marathon bombing; we are in the middle of a civilizational war with a historic enemy — an enemy who is winning because we are in total denial.

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  1. Salman Farsi, a Persian traitor, was the brains behind Mohammed and the ideology of jihad.
    Wonder why all this is happening? Our politicians and western governments are allowing it. Most don’t know this but our government and the European governments belong to the house of Islam. they could care less about us. they could care less about freedom and liberty. they wish only to have power and control and Islam gives them hunger to achieve those goals without care or remorse. Islam’s resurgence is two fold- our kiss ass political correctness and the rapid de-Christianization of the west (deliberately nurtured by Christian hating Atheist Bolsheviks- yes, those with the same mentality as those who murdered tens of millions in the Ukraine, and Russia.) Notice Islam only takes hold when a people are terrorized, or spiritually bankrupt and demoralized as the US and Europe are. I see a very bad future for the west unless we get our act together. Islam is the only cult/ideology that can turn a paradise into a desert, turn a son against his own father, a daughter against her own mother. The Muslim is empowered by his faith in Allah aka Satan, the greatest of all deceivers. Americans and Europeans are too ignorant to understand that Islam declared war on us 1400 years ago and destroyed brilliant civilization. They do not bring anything to humanity except hate, violence and abject poverty. The west has to make a decision- Christianity and the pursuit of happiness or Islam and a descent into hell from which there is not return.

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