Catalonia: Muslims use occupation extortion tactic to demand mosque

We’ve seen Muslims use these tactics over and over again to get their way. They purchase territory, turn it into a mosque then seek planning permission retrospectively, using ostentatious public prayers as a means of extortion if there are any difficulties. In this case they were offered space in a industrial estate for their mosque but rejected it, saying it was too far away. They purchased the premises referred to in the article despite having been specifically warned in advance that it could not be used as a mosque. After the premises were sealed, the Muslims started praying 5 times a day in the public square (pictured). Now they have tried to occupy the premises by force.

The mayor of Mollet del Vallès, Josep Monràs, is not ready to give in to the demands of the Al Huda Muslim community to use as a mosque premises which do not fulfil the legal conditions and which were sealed to prevent their being used. In summer, during Ramadan, the Muslims protested by praying in the town square; on Friday, they burst into the sealed establishment using force.

The mayor has declared that “they will not succeed in modifying the established norms through imposition, which are obligatory for everyone” and added that “these attitudes do not help us resolve the conflict”. For that reasons the council has initiated the legal procedures to evict them from the premises on Sant Ramon street, which they wanted to use illegally as a mosque, given that “there has been an illegal occupation of sealed premises through the use of force.”

According to municipal sources, the members of the Muslim community initially gained access to the premises on the pretext that there was a light they had to switch off. In reality, they intended to deceive the police and municipal officials and fortify themselves in the interior. However, they did not achieve this thanks to police intervention. After the attempted deception, about 40 people of North African origin, burst into the premises by force.

The council had ordered the premises sealed after repeated warnings to the Muslim community that received no response, warning that the space they had acquired in Sant Ramon street could only obtain a commercial licence and that under no circumstances could it be used as a mosque because it did not fulfil the conditions.

Source: La Vanguardia

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  1. It could always mysteriously burnt down or over night became a barn for pigs.

    I fear, if it burnt down it could become easier for them to build a mosque, unless they are repeatedly denied planning permission.

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