‘Freedom of religion is a western idea.’

What follows is a harrowing series of photographs of Islamic militants publicly executing, by decapitation, a young Syrian in the town of Keferghan, near Aleppo, on August 31, 2013.

“Their motivation is an utter and absolute mystery”

“I saw a scene of utter cruelty”: Eyewitness account of Syrian jihadists beheading a foe


The idea that we would even be considering aiding these jihadis, and are already giving them weapons, is unconscionable. It will forever be a blot on the history of the United States. Even if Islamic supremacists write those histories, the theme of this chapter will be the spectacular success of their disinformation campaign in the U.S., and how they got the U.S. Government to come to the aid of al-Qaeda within twelve years of 9/11.

“Witness to a Syrian Execution: ‘I Saw a Scene of Utter Cruelty,'” by Patrick Witty inTime, September 12 (thanks to JW):

All wars are vicious, but the civil war in Syria seems every day to set new standards for brutality. As the fighting rages in its third year, increasing numbers of atrocities are committed by soldiers and fighters from forces loyal to the regime of President Bashar Assad, as well as armed rebels and Islamic militants from the numerous, loosely aligned groups opposing Assad. The violence is frequently sectarian in nature, with fighters claiming they act in defense of their faith, be it Sunni, Alawite, Shiite or any of the other sects that contribute to Syria’s religious landscape.

Thanks to Obama and his cronies we are no longer Western:

‘Freedom of religion is a western idea.’

Obama Appoints Hamas Supporter who Called Israelis Nazis to Commission on Religious Freedom |…

To declare, as some have, that such freedom is absolute is, of course, nonsense, Zogby said.


James Zogby called Hezbollah “the Lebanese armed resistance”, defended Hamas supporters and urging understanding Hamas. He was less understanding toward Jews calling Israelis “Nazis” and accusing Israel of perpetrating a Holocaust against the PLO.

A vehement opponent of freedom of speech, Zogby took the Islamist side of the Mohammed cartoon controversy, writing, “To declare, as some have, that such freedom is absolute is, of course, nonsense since every culture, by definition, has its taboos. The measure of a civilization is not the freedom it provides to defile taboos, but how respectful and sensitive it is to the taboos of diverse cultures, especially those within its midst.”

Zogby then implied that cartoons that offend Muslims should be banned.

But then there was this, “At a 2007 Arab American Institute forum, Zogby was cited by then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama as his “good friend,” whose support it was “an honor to have.”

So Zogby’s good friend appointed him to the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom where he can have a ball explaining why Muslim religious freedom requires taking away everyone else’s freedom.

So for the Islamo-Christian Zogby, who is so much more of a Muselmaniac than a Christian, “real civilisation” only works when we submit to the barbarians. What a perfect fit in the Obama tradition!

Beck Highlights ‘Total Massacre That the Media Completely Ignored’

“Once the radicals came to power, the systematic targeting of people who disagree with them – especially Christians – began.”

Half full or half empty?

Aleppo Syria: Invading Sunni Muslims establish sharia courts

Video here

Just an oversight, of course:

 WASHINGTON TIMES: The principal of Concord Carlisle High School in Boston issued an apology Wednesday after a Muslim poem was recited over the intercom on the 12th anniversary of 9/11, and the Pledge of Allegiance was not.

Al Qaeda Network Report: America Cannot Win a War Against An Enemy It Doesn’t Understand


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  1. I reckon the young soldier that was beheaded was probably a Christian. The cutting off of the head is reserved for unbelievers….the other Muslims are shot in the head…..such is the tenderness of the cruel savages.

    It is the weak that act with the utmost cruelty…

  2. Thank you very much traitor OBOWma for supporting these savages, the Syrian jihadists, i.e. devout Muslims!!


    (graphic video) Allah & his Qur’an in action
    … beheading kuffar (unblievers) according to Qur’an 8:12 + 47:4

    Islamic supremacy Q.3:110, 2:193, 3:189, 5:17, 8:39, 9:29-33 forfeits its FREE PRACTICE OF RELIGION (Art.4) pursuant to Art.18 -> Allah FIGHTS against the German Constitution, including freedom of speech vs. Q.9:12, 9:65/66, 5:72/73

  3. Steiner,
    Yes, I agree with your synnopsis – the young man was probably a Christian. It should be fairly easy to discover this and to ID the thugs that murdered him.

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