Greek establishment tries to shut down ‘Golden Dawn’

Golden Dawn Leaders Arrested

  • Golden Dawn supporters protest after police arrest key members – video
 This will backfire.
  • Golden Dawn members protest after leader charged with leading criminal gang- The leader of Greece’s Golden Dawn, widely viewed as Europe’s most violent political force, appeared in court on Saturday night on charges of heading a criminal gang after police mounted an unprecedented crackdown on the neo-fascist party, arresting Nikos Michaloliakos and other key members of his organisation. (Islam vs Europe)

Greek fascists arrested

Andrew Bolt

A particularly nasty and dangerously successful neo-Nazi group may finally gave gone too far for Greek authorities:

GREEK police have arrested the leader and other top officials of the anti-immigrant Golden Dawn party on charges of forming a criminal organisation

The arrests come 11 days after the killing of anti-fascist activist rapper Pavlos Fyssas by an alleged Golden Dawn member.

Though the party has vehemently denied any role in the killing, the case has appeared to dent its appeal among Greeks and the government has worked to crack down on the party.


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  1. I suspect the murderer of the rapper can be found in the ranks of the left-wing social “enablers” – Golden Dawn had, almost certainly, nothing to do with the killing.

    The socialist are merely re-enacting a tired old script, and the media follows like tired sheep.

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