Imam Camoron’s Dilemma

Imam Camoron huffs and puffs, but you know he won’t do a bloody thing about it:

‘We must be able to chuck out people who threaten our country’: Cameron reveals Britain could leave human rights convention

  • Prime Minister reveals frustrations at interference from foreign courts
  • Cutting ties with Strasbourg the only way to keep Britain safe, PM says
  • ECHR blamed for delaying deportation of Qatada and giving prisoners vote

Britain could pull out of the controversial European Convention on Human Rights which stops dangerous terrorists from being ‘chucked out’ of the UK, David Cameron said today.

For the first time the Prime Minister revealed he was ready to end the right of foreign courts to interfere with British justice.  He said cutting ties with the Strasbroug courts could be the only way to ensure a future Conservative government can keep the people of Britain safe.

He had plenty of time. Why hasn’t he done a f*kcing thing about it?

Imam Dawood Camoron getting his marching orders:

David Cameron Mosque visit

MI5 questioned commander of jihad group behind Kenya mall jihad mass murder over plan to attack shopping center four years ago

WoJ readers know that M15 leaders are as clueless as headless chickens when it comes to Islam. As you can see here, they even “questioned” the mass-murdering scumbag from the Nairobi attack  four years ago:

But then they let him go. What else could these inveterately politically correct, hopelessly compromised and determinedly clueless Keystone Kops do?

“MI5 was informed of plan to attack shopping centre FOUR years ago after British terror suspect was arrested in Kenya,” by Barbara Jones and Ian Gallagher for the Daily Mail, September 28 (thanks to JW):

A commander of the terrorist group behind the Nairobi attack was questioned by MI5 over plans to blow up a Kenyan shopping centre four years ago.Bilal Berjawi, then a British citizen, was arrested in Kenya by counter-terrorism officers who claimed to be working on instructions from MI5.

David Cameron Visits A Central Manchester Mosque

4 thoughts on “Imam Camoron’s Dilemma”

  1. Cameron is another arsewipe who like bliar before isn’t for the nation he suppose to govern but himself.He’s a traitor and that is why we need a Enoch Powell,someone to glue together the nationalist factions into one cohesive party which truly represents the nation and it’s preservation.

  2. Based on recent news reports of islamofascists massacring innocent people in Africa, Pakistan, Syria, the prophet of islam, muhammed, is a prophet of Satan.

  3. Q.: “He had plenty of time. Why hasn’t he done a f*kcing thing about it?”

    A.: Because now Cameron wants to be reelected as PM.

    What is stopping him from doing it right now and start with the actions of ending it with Strasbourg? That act alone would gain him a lot of votes before any election and people would take him seriously, although his love affair with Turkey and Muslims is a weakness and a serious problem.

    The one aspect I have never understood about the British is that they are the second biggest contributor to the EU and yet, they let the EU push them around and hold the English to the letter of silly laws.

    Yet, other EU states, just ignore or dismiss the EU laws they do not like or are not useful with little pushback from the EU.

    Just recently, the EU said the Brits have to turn over an extra £450 million or the EU could collapse. Good. Let them. The EU have already said without Britain (read without English money propping up a corrupt system.) they could not last.

    EU needs Britain far more then Britain needs the EU, I just wish the Brits would have the confidence to act upon this fact.

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