Iran: clenched fist brigades throw shoes at Rouhani for talking to Obama

“Our people are awake and hate America”, “Death to America, death to Israel”

Iranian President Rouhani Returns From U.N. Trip, Greeted With Protestors Throwing Shoes And Eggs: “Our People Are Awake And Hate America”

Must be the “clenched fist” brigades:


President Hassan Rouhani of Iran was surrounded by bodyguards after a shoe was thrown towards his car on Saturday as his motorcade left Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport.

Returning from his trip to the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani was greeted by angry protestors back home.  After his time at the U.N., Obama called Rouhani on his way to the airport; the first communication between a U.S. and Iranian President in over 30 years.  Then the two exchanged cutesy Tweets with each other over Iran’s nuclear issue…later deleted by Rouhani.  But, angry Iranians back at home didn’t find the exchange so charming.  Throwing shoes and eggs, the protestors yelled “Our people are awake and hate America”, “Death to America, death to Israel”, and accused Rouhani of humiliating Iran.

According to the New York Times,

TEHRAN — Hard-line protesters hurled eggs and a shoe at President Hassan Rouhani of Iran as he returned to Tehran on Saturday after supporters cheered him for reaching out to President Obama.  (Gateway Pundit)



Iran: Shoe thrown at Rouhani by protesters chanting “Death to America” after Obama call

But those shouting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” were outnumbered by pro-Rouhani protesters. Given the Iranian regime’s history of manufactured demonstrations, it is hard to know what to make of this. If the pro-Rouhani demonstrators were genuine, it is also unclear whether they were happy that Rouhani had brought the weak and feckless Obama to heel, or because they were hoping that nuclear war would be averted.

“Shoe thrown at Rouhani in protests after Obama call,” from AFP, September 28 (JW)

Obama won’t negotiate with terrorists: talks with Iran’s President Rouhani, snubs Republicans

After all, who are the real terrorists, as far as Barack Obama is concerned?

“It’s a three-decade first: Presidents of U.S., Iran talk directly, if only by phone,” by Chelsea J. Carter for CNN, September 27:

(CNN) — U.S. President Barack Obama spoke by telephone Friday with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani — the first direct conversation between leaders in Washington and Tehran since 1979 — raising the possibility a deal can be reached over Iran’s controversial nuclear program.