More than hundred perish in Interfaith Dialogue in Nigeria and Yemen….

“Boko Haram” stands for “western education is forbidden”.  Pink Floyd Ziyonhasser Roger Waters would agree: “teacher leave our kids alone” takes on a new meaning when it comes to jihad.

At least 87 people have been killed in an attack by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria’s north-eastern Borno state, according to local officials.

Yemen: Two car bombs explode at a military base and gunmen shoot soldiers dead in separate attacks.

Dozens have been killed in twin attacks on military targets in Yemen, officials said, with two car bombs exploding at a base early on Friday and a separate shooting targeting soldiers.

Dozens dead in twin al-Qaeda attacks in Yemen

China puts its foot down:

Hoisting Flag in Mosque Angers Uighur Muslims 

XINJIANG – Adding more pressures on Uighur Muslims, Chinese authorities have placed China’s flag at the head of a mosque in western China, a move denounced by activists as an attempt to get unwavering allegiance to Beijing ahead of their faith. More links here and here (Vlad Tepes)

How long before the weapons are turned on us?

The unprecedented purge following Morsi’s ouster is only the tip of the iceberg:

An Islamic headbanger explains how marriage to infidel women is a lot like rape:


Britannia sinking faster than the Titanic:

Top British Conservatives grovel to Islamic supremacist agenda over veils

Still more groveling to Sharia in Britain. Will anyone in the British government at any point tell Islamic supremacists in Britain that some aspect of Sharia is not acceptable? Or will they just go quietly into the stonings, amputations, dhimmitude, murder of apostates, and all the rest of it?

Money, more important than blood:

Colorado University shields students from political harassment by their professors:


“We Accuse the Jews of Wanting to Rule the World, but We Expect Islam to Take Over the World”

By /Frontpage 


That quote comes from an interesting Gatestone piece by Ali Salim.

Almost no Ramadan evening goes by without tedious “historical” dramas on Al-Jazeera and the other Arab TV channels, whose objective is to brainwash viewers with anti-Semitic propaganda. They deal with the Jews’ denial of the Prophet Muhammad’s message, Jewish attempts to poison him and their betrayal of him at the Battle of the Trench in Al-Medina. Almost all the series’ end on the same note: the message is always that the fate of the Jews in the Palestine they stole from the Arabs will be the same as that Muhammad wreaked on them at Khybar, they will be slaughtered and their women and children will be sold into slavery.

That kind of incitement lends the Jews a Satanic power, it makes us think they can manipulate events around the world and are historically responsible for planning and carrying out every evil that exists. In reality, however, all it does is glorify their capabilities and achievements to the extent of turning them into a self-important legend. Thus we ourselves construct the myth of the genius of the Jews, their intellectual might and creative talents, while personally I am not entirely sure they deserve the reputation: they are mere mortals like everyone else, and often less.

In my opinion, the situation has reached such proportions within the nation of Islam that it is now a national mental illness, a collective obsession for which I see no cure. We accuse the Jews of wanting to rule the world, but one of the causes of our illness is that we expect Islam to take over the world.

Projection is natural when it comes to justifying atrocities. If you want to take over the world, claiming that someone has already done it and you’re taking it back is an excellent justification.

Just ask the Nazis. Or Imperial Japan, which massacred and enslaved countless Asians in the name of “protecting” Asia from a Western imperialism that no Asian country wanted to be protected from in that way.

Islam is obsessed with a climactic apocalyptic battle with the Jews because it has “unfinished religious business”. No amount of revisionist revert history about Islam being the original religion of mankind can undo the troubling fact that it’s second-hand goods, stolen customs and stories mapped onto a warlord’s fever dream of conquest, rapine and loot.

The only way for Islam to cover up the falseness of its origins is to exterminate Christians and Jews.

One thought on “More than hundred perish in Interfaith Dialogue in Nigeria and Yemen….”

  1. Watch this video after the Syrian army pushed the Jihadis that we were supporting, out of the Christian village of Maaloula.

    Take look at the young Christian girls. They are relaxed, as well as charming – young girls we can recognize as young girls not under thrall of Islam. That is what a culture does. If they were Muslim girls, they would not have that happy and charming facial expression.

    The little boy is relaxed and happy as well.

    I wonder if they would be so relaxed and happy, if the Jihadis we are still supporting, had taken over Maaloula. For a start, they would be lying on the street with their throats slit. Of course, it goes without saying, that this would be nothing to do with Islam. YUP.

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