MuBro’s find shelter in Londonistan

Outlawed and on the run,  the zebiba boyz find asylum in Londonistan
Britain has become the haven for war-criminals,Islamic terrorist org, ex-cons and escapees from justice..
The Muslim Brotherhood has decided to move its media center to London, after a Cairo court decision to ban the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood or any subsidiary institution related to it, and receiving financial support from the MB.
 Safer in Israel than in Cairo:

Bristol, UK:  TWO men Islamic headbangers have appeared in court charged with raping underage girls who were under the care of social workers.

 Bright Future:

Abdul Wali Fadaei is proud of his family history.  His father died when he drove an explosives-laden car into the capital’s upscale Hotel Inter-Continental in 2011, a brazen attack that killed 18 people, including seven militants.

His brothers — he won’t say how many or their ages — are studying to become suicide bombers.

A French Man?

He may reside in France, he may speak French, he may have French nationality, but he is certainly no Frenchman:

French Man”  Jailed for Threatening Toulouse Jewish School

A French man was sentenced to a year in prison on Monday for making death threats to a Jewish school in Toulouse by phone, AFP reports.
The man is the cousin Mohammed Merah, the terrorist who murdered Rabbi Jonathan Sandler, his sons Aryeh and Gavriel and Miriam Monsonego at the Ohr HaTorah school in 2012.

He is no man, and he is not French. He is a savage Mohammedan headbanger…….

About the burqa in Ticino, Switzerland:

“We don’t need to tolerate this”“We don’t want to be an Islamic country” 

Burqas are rarely seen in Ticino, where less than 2% of the roughly 340,000 inhabitants identify as Muslim….