New York Muslim Day Parade Marchers Carry Al Qaeda Jihad Flags


As dozens of innocent victims were massacred and hundreds more injured during Al-Shabaab’s attack on a shopping mall in Kenya (where they reportedly let Muslims go and terrorized non-Muslims), some handmade flags resembling the black flag of Islamic jihad were spotted flying around New York City: (The Blaze)


The world belongs to allah and the meshugga prophet pretender: radical Islamic headbangers wave Mohammedan jihad flags on Madison Avenue and view New York as belonging to the Caliphate.

New York Muslim Day Parade Marchers Carry Al Qaeda Jihad Flags

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On September 24, 2013 In The Point

Some are held by spectators and others by marchers in the parade meaning that the organizers of the parade had to approve marchers carrying Jihadist symbols. I can’t think of any other group that would be allowed parade around with blatant terrorist insignia in the city that those same terrorists attacked.

Muslims will claim that these were historically Mohammed’s flags, but today they are used by Jihadists and by Salafists as Caliphate flags. The black flag is the war flag and the white flag is the state flag of the Caliphate. (from Urban Infidel)

The Muslim Day marchers carrying the white flags are saying that they view themselves as part of the Islamic Caliphate and that they view New York as belonging to the Caliphate.

The Muslim Day marchers with black flags are waving an open declaration of war against New York.

These were the flags that were planted on American embassies on September 11 during the attacks. Now they are being carried openly in New York.

The Al-Liwaa, the Caliphate state flag, and the Al-Liwaa, the war flag, are making a statement that the marchers are with the army of Mohammed and are at war with the non-Muslim Dar Al-Harb. The House of War. America.

Muslim apocalyptic prophecies believe that armies from Afghanistan carrying the war flags will lead to their armageddon. These are the The Black Flags From Khorasan.

Muslim Boston Bomber Tamerlan Tasarnaev liked one of the black flag videos. Despite all this local politicians continue to participate in the Muslim Day hate fests and terrorist propaganda outings.


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  1. It is rather amusing Daniel, but you need to remember that the purpose of the parade was to reinforce muslim self worth. The truth is that muslims are anything but a benefit for mankind. Islam’s conribution to civilization – murder, rape and terror.

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