Qatar Airways ‘requires’ hostesses to get permission before marrying

What next? The right of the first night for the emir?

Qatar Airways ‘requires’ hostesses to get permission before marrying

Qatar Airways has come under scrutiny on Wednesday after it was accused of forcing its female workers to seek permission from the company when they decide to get married.

ad36a360-c2d0-430d-b64f-1afb7dff4249_16x9_600x338The airline was found to also mandate that women tell a supervisor if pregnant

According to the ITF, a standard hiring contract for thousands of the airline’s female workers reads: “You are required to obtain prior permission from the company, in case you wish to change your marital status and get married.

“The employee shall notify the employer in case of pregnancy from the date of her knowledge of its occurrence. The employer shall have the right to terminate the contract of employment from the date of notification of the pregnancy. Failure of employee to notify the employer or the concealment of the occurrence shall be considered a breach of contract.”

Meanwhile, trade union officials aren’t holding their breath for a ground-breaking response to the allegations from Qatar Airways. (Eman El-Shenawi – Al Arabiya has more)

One thought on “Qatar Airways ‘requires’ hostesses to get permission before marrying”

  1. Whereas British Airways just used to fire the air stewardesses when they married. Mind you, that was back in the 1970s. We in the west have come a long way since then.
    (Informing one’s employer that one is pregnant is just plain good manners. )

    Women leave these countries and come to the west, where they wear face coverings and claim that ‘submission’ is peace and freedom. Trampling on our hard won rights – disgusting.

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