The government has changed in Canberra

That memo seems to be lost on the far left hacks from the  ABC/SBS spin machine:

ABC’s tries irritating gotcha on Abbott

ABC/SBC Climate Wankers Can’t See the Global Jihad, Beat Up Warming Hysteria Instead

Keep the grants coming, suckers!

UN Junk Science: Global Warming Is Man-Made From “Very Likely” To “Extremely Likely”…

Tom Harris of the International Climate Science Coalition explains the IPCC report is an example of “decision-based evidence making”–

Climate alarmism by BCF

“Settled Science” and “Debate is Over” BS


SETTLED SCIENCE? You’d be surprised When you think of a scientist do you imagine a little eccentric bloke in a white coat, fuzzy hair, and round glasses? Well, I do and we are all wrong! Larry Pickering/ 544 COMMENTS

If science now has “Gods” who are above question, it’s not science, it’s a religion. A scientist who says “I’m right because I’m a scientist” is neither right nor much of a scientist.  Here’s another self-appointed High-Priest of the Climate Doctrine. Michael Brown, astronomer:   Science is not about debate, people are too stupid to judge

History War of Leftist Spin

It’s only a “war” when Liberals correct what Labor rewrote

Here’s how it works with Fairfax reporters. When the Left rewrites what children are taught about our history, that’s “reform”. When conservatives rewrite what children are taught about our history, that’s a “history war”.

Is Yudhoyono Abbott’s good cop?

The Indonesian foreign minister seems to have been smacked down by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono for his arrogant attempt to embarrass the Abbott Government. Yudhoyono seems prepared to do business with Tony Abbott, but that business will have to be done quickly, given Yudhoyono has only a year left to serve.–Paul Kelly

Has The Age ever seen a sceptic it hasn’t misreported?

Age environment report Tom Arup makes stuff up. For lefties, hysterical dreck is news.

These drownings must be stopped

Another tragedy – and another reason for Indonesia to help is to stop the boats:

AT least 22 people died, most of them children, and dozens more were feared drowned after their asylum-seeker boat overturned off Indonesia, injecting greater urgency into Tony Abbott’s already troubled visit to Jakarta…..

Promise kept: navy brings boat people back to Indonesia

Natures Child Hack:

Christine Milne says it’s natural to lose six senior advisers in a week. Greens leader in denial, and not just about the warming pause

The usual suspects are out in force:

Al-Gore-CrazyAl Gore: GOP Using ‘Political Terrorism’ To ‘Blow Up The Global Economy’

UN Parasites Stand to Gain Billions From Warming Hysteria

This week, the U.N.’s International Panel for Climate Change gathered to finalize its fifth assessment report regarding the state of the environment, stating that global warming is ”extremely likely” to have been human caused.

Gaia Worshipers React Predictably:

ipcc-report_2-620x412People scream outside the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to demand immediate political action on Climate debate on September 27, 2013 in Stockholm.


One thought on “The government has changed in Canberra”

  1. “Here’s how it works with Fairfax reporters. When the Left rewrites what children are taught about our history, that’s “reform”. When conservatives rewrite what children are taught about our history, that’s a “history war”.”

    Well said.

    I’m no fan of either major parties but i like the Labour party much less than the Liberals.

    The libs are full of soft cock ‘small’ L liberals. & that is the problem here.

    The Federal Liberal Party has made no serious attempt in the past to neuter the political left. If they were serious, the first to go would be the Gay B C, quickly followed by SBS, after this dismantle any politically motivated leftist government poilicy: i.e. government sponsered multiculturalism- and all the bureaucracies that have been erected to support it.

    The Liberal party are f##### useless.

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