The Warmongers Treason & Deceit

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GatewayPundit reported on the Egyptian media references to Obama as a Muslim Brotherhood member. Now this! Obama addresses and praises the American Muslim Brotherhood Convention.


He probably will get Congressional approval. When has the hopeless John Boehner ever stood up to him? And no one seems to care that we would be fighting on the side of al-Qaeda in Syria — what could possibly go wrong? This is what we lack in the U.S. today: an effective and genuine opposition. All we have instead is weak and shallow me-tooism. There is no actual anti-jihad, anti-Islamic supremacism party in the U.S. at this point.

Syria: intervention could unleash global war, Vatican warns

Remember Archduke Ferdinand: sometimes what appear to be small events touch off a web of interconnected obligations and alliances.

Russia FM:

“If there truly is top secret information available, the veil should be lifted. This is a question of war and peace. To continue this game of secrecy is simply inappropriate.” Yes.

Rep. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Will Vote For Use of Military Force in Syria

Allen West to Congress:
AtlasShrugs reports the following:
Obama hits bottom and keeps digging. His unequivocal support of the vicious Muslim Brotherhood has undermined national security and been an overwhelming destructive force for freedom across the world.
“The Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) was established in July 1981 by U.S-based members of the Muslim Brotherhood with a background as leaders of the Muslim Students Association (MSA). As author and terrorism expert Steven Emerson puts it, ISNA “grew out of the Muslim Students Association, which also was founded by Brotherhood members.” Indeed, Muslim Brothers would dominate ISNA’s leadership throughout the Society’s early years. Striving “to advance the cause of Islam and serve Muslims in North America so as to enable them to adopt Islam as a complete way of life,” ISNA was highly dependent upon Saudi funding during its early years.” — from Discover the Networks (From the Investigative Project on Terrorism) Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents Could Put Obama In Prison
Isn’t it obvious?
Treason & Deceit:

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  1. I listened to Rand Paul last night and he did what he did in his fillibuster. He gets all upset over something but then says ‘he will probably vote for it anyway’. Now why does he even bother emoting if he is going to vote for what he is getting all lathered about? (I think I know – he wants to appear as if he is a logical minded conservative BUT he is really just appeasing the lobbyists and ovomit in the end)

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