That’s what you get when enemy agents are allowed to occupy positions of influence:

Wally the Slime
Here’s what ABC Radio National Drive presenter Waleed Aly said last Wednesday when talking to a guest.
Waleed Aly: I do want to ask you though, just finally, whether or not the United States faces a difficult argument here about getting rid of chemical weapons. Particularly given that it – and Russia, I suppose, is in the same boat – hasn’t got rid of its chemical stockpile entirely from the Cold War. Some of that still remains and some of its allies have used chemical weapons. Israel used them in Gaza for example. America itself used them in the Iraq War in its attack on Fallujah in 2004.
(This is clear and obvious  enemy propaganda. Wally is, as always, truth challenged….)
These sorts of things are there, they’re in the ether and they’re not forgotten in parts of the Middle East.
(The ME thrives on BS and conspiracy crapola. So does Wally. He is a product of  it.)
MWD is not aware of any evidence that Israel used chemical weapons in Gaza or that the US ever used chemical weapons in Iraq. 
It seems that Waleed Aly just made this up. Sure in the knowledge that the ABC Fact Checking Unit does not check what passes for “fact” on the ABC.
In other news, wannabe Australian” Yusuf Irfan sees his adopted countrymen as heartless bigots. Strange that his own bigotry doesn’t bite him in the nose when he looks at himself in a mirror:
Yusuf rubs it
Australia already has a reputation overseas for treating refugees awfully, locking them up for years in virtual prisons and using them as political footballs in election campaigns.
You wish, Yusuf. You wish!


  1. I wondered when this oily-eyed Islamic stooge would pop up again with another pack of lies. I’ve had a gutful of moaning Muslims, just STFU!

  2. Amen Jennifer.

    I am sick of whingeing Muslims.

    Whining, you have not read the koran. You don’t know Islam. Your only following what the media says about Islam. You don’t know any real Muslims. Blah. Blah. Blah.

    Read the koran and hated it-evil and hateful.

    Educated my self to a graduate level on Islam-found it vile, hateful and repulsive.

    Lived among and around disgusting hateful Muslims, -and to quote Jennifer I “had a gutful” of nasty, condescending, rude, aggressive, unscrupulous Muslims.

  3. “…Israel used them in Gaza for example. America itself used them in the Iraq War in its attack on Fallujah in 2004….”

    This snake always manages to slyly slip the pro-muslim viewpoint in – he even tries it on from time to time on Channel 210’s The Project.

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