Why should Brits trust Muslims? Why should anyone trust Muslims?

Preposterous: why would you trust people who want to annihilate you?


by Hugh Fitzgerald

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Ammanpour’s Deceit

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Why the embarrassed silence when it comes to Islamist persecution of Christians? . . .

Here in the UK, we tolerate the increasingly intolerant. It was revealed a few days ago that non-Muslim members of staff at the Al-Madinah School in Derbyshire had to sign contracts agreeing to wear the hijab and make girls sit at the back of the class while boys sat at the front.–After Kenya, no more turning the other cheek to those who hate us

Not our problem:

Muslims Think Non-Muslims Have Some Kind Of Permanent Duty To Rescue Them

UNITED NATIONS – Turkey and Jordan called on Tuesday for a more robust international effort to end Syria’s civil war, saying the global community had a responsibility not to abandon the Syrian people. Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Jordan’s King … Turkey, Jordan say world has responsibility to end Syria war
That’s Islam:

Another unhinged Muselmaniac shows what he’s made of:


How The Embarrassed Muslim “Moderate” Mustafa Akyol Tries Wanly To Explain Away The Violence And Aggression Of Islam

Mustafa Akyol is an apologist for Islam who describes himself as a “moderate.” We are asked to accept this self-description, and to accept, further, his increasingly unconvincing and tortuous defenses of Islam.

Mustafa Akyol Becomes Hysterical, Nazi-Invoking, Over The Swiss Vote. He becomes hysterically defensive — about Islam, and about himself. Take a look:

Aryan supremacy reigns supreme in Switzerland

Mustafa Akyol is one of those self-styled “reformers” of Islam, helping to lull Westerners, and possibly himself too, with the dreamy idea that any day now, despite all the failed attempts over the past 1400 years, Islam can somehow be changed……And More About Mustafa Akyol, Self-Described “Classical Liberal”

His article cuts right to the chase: the rhetorical  chase of the Third Reich. It is no longer the Swiss, you see, but “the Aryans” — the Swiss as Nazis — who banned the minaret. For only Nazis or their sympathizers could do such a thing, in the view, or the rhetoric, of Mustafa Akyol.

Here it is:

Aryan supremacy reigns supreme in Switzerland


You must have heard that the open-minded people of Switzerland took to the polls last weekend to ban minarets – in a country where there are only four of them.

These days, the global news is full of stories and commentaries about this apparently democratic, yet shockingly illiberal decision. But if you really want to understand the undercurrents that led the majority of the Swiss society to this unbelievable point, I would suggest watching a 1940 film, “Der Ewige Jude.”

This was an anti-Semitic “documentary” produced by Fritz Hippler, who, under Joseph Goebbels, ran the film department in the Propaganda Ministry of the Third Reich. The 62-minute film, whose title means “The Eternal Jew,” was made to convince its German audience that Jews were dangerous creatures who, simply by their existence, threatened the civilized society of the Aryan peoples.

Aryan aesthetics

Aesthetics was at the basis of the “Der Ewige Jude” argument. The movie presented extended scenes about life in Polish ghettos, focusing on the long hair, beards, skull caps and caftans of Orthodox Jews. Contrasting these Eastern-looking people with the blond, blue-eyed and heavily muscled German athletes, the film argued that there is a fundamental gap of values between the two.

“The Nordic concept of beauty,” it said, “is completely incomprehensible to the Jew.” The latter, according to the script, were “dirty” people who enjoyed living in “bug-infested homes.”

To further emphasize the argument of incivility, the film also focused on the Jewish religious practice of kosher slaughtering, in which animals are bled to death. “Their so-called religion prevents the Jews from eating meat butchered in the ordinary way,” the narrator noted, remarking on how dreadfully different this was from the “well-known German love of animals.”

“Der Ewige Jude” was not speaking without “evidence.” It “proved” all its arguments with carefully selected facts. When it argued, for example, that Jews are compelled by their “so-called religion” to hate and conspire against non-Jews, the film quoted a few passages from the Jewish scriptures that indeed said harsh things about the gentiles.

Finally, the film focused on current events of the era. It told how Jews were multiplying rapidly among the Aryan peoples, polluting their clean living spaces. “They spread from Eastern Europe like an irresistible tide,” it warned, “flooding the towns and nations of Europe.”

That was the year 1940. And we all know what tragically happened in the next five years.

Now, if you want to understand why all this Nazi madness is relevant to today, you just need to replace the word “Jew” in the paragraphs above with the word “Muslim.” You will get a narrative very similar to that told by the nascent anti-Islamic movement in Europe, including the Swiss People’s Party, the main champion of the recent minaret ban.

Of course, this parallelism has its limits. First, I should note that I do not, by any means, foresee a “Muslim Holocaust” coming. Probably no European nation will ever go that insane again, at least in the foreseeable future. Moreover, there are differences between the sources of the anti-Judaism of the early 20th century and the anti-Islamism of today.

The Jews had become the focus of Nazi hatred simply because of the latter’s vicious ideology. In the current hatred against Muslims, though, one has to acknowledge the part played by the reaction to some of the nasty stuff done in the name of Islam: terrorism perpetrated or inspired by Al-Qaeda, violent protests against satirical cartoons, the repression of women in some Muslim communities, etc., etc.

Yet, still, one needs the contribution of racism and xenophobia to move on from these serious problems among Muslims to go against Islam as such, and against all of its believers. The overwhelming majority of Europe’s Muslims are in fact peaceful and law-abiding people who are just trying to make ends meet. Banning the very symbol of their place of worship means telling them: “Hey, in our eyes, you are all dangerous. Your mere existence here is our problem.”

Yet another Semitic people to hate

I know this mindless paranoia well, because we have a similar problem in Turkey with the Turkish racists. They despise the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, for its indeed despicable acts of terrorism. But then they channel their reaction toward all Kurds, not really looking at whether they really support the PKK or not, and moreover, not asking why those who support the PKK do so.

“The problem,” their motto reads, “is simply the Kurds themselves.”

Turkish racism is ugly, to be sure, but so is the Swiss one. The core problem in the latter belief, as I said, renders down to the old idea of Aryan supremacy – the idea that European Nordic people, and their “civilized” way of life, are inherently superior to those of the Eastern Semites, who are “polluting” it.

In other words, anti-Semitism, an aptly coined term, continues. In 1940, the hated Semites were the Orthodox Jews whose darker skins, strange food, “dirty” beards, skull caps and long caftans were enough to make them deplorable to the Nazis.

In 2009, apparently, the hated Semites are now the Orthodox Muslims, whose darker skins, strange food, “dirty” beards, skull caps, long caftans, and, as a novelty, headscarves and chadors, are the problem.

Just too bad to be true.”


Yes, of course. The Arabs like to say, idiotically, “we can’t be antisemitic because we, you see, are ‘Semites” too.” And that ridiculous argument is now taken up by Mustafa Akyol. Now it is not only Arabs, but all Muslims, who are “Semites” — that is, are Jews, are suffering as the Jews did. How true. Banning four minarets in Switzerland, that are symbols of Muslim power and aggression (and they are purely symbolic, they are not used, nor needed, for the Call to Prayer). is practically Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec.

That an “advanced” Muslim, one who has travelled and lived in the West, has received every benefit from the West — didn’t Daniel Pipes champion Akyol for a while,  in his attempts to continue to reach out, work with, and no doubt help obtain financial support for collaborative projects with,  “Muslim reformers”? — one who grew up in the comparative mental freedom (because of Kemalism) of Turkey, should quickly become so hysterical, is telling.

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    1. I seriously want to make a comedy video of muzbag arselifters braying in their mosques, arses rising and falling in subservience to Satan, and add in an “appropriate” sound track of non-stop, wicked farting. Seriously!


  1. @Uncle Vladdi,

    Technically speaking, as the Turks and other Arabs joined up with the Nazi’s during WWII, Mustafa Akyol is forgetting that those other ‘Semites’ were Nazi’s too in the past and a part of the (Aryan) Nazis hierarchy.

    Therefore, Akyol, can’t really complain of being a victim of a group they were apart of. Although, being Muslim he clearly knows how to turn it around to be a victim 60 years later.

    Besides as we know not all Muslims are Arabs, so that aspect of the argument is weak. Furthermore, current DNA testing has already proven that not all Arab countries share a “Semite” DNA in the ME, thus it another false canard to argue, we can’t be Anti-semites when were all semites is incorrect. (See the research of Dr. Michael F. Hammer of the University of Arizona:2000) or in the example of this article we are victims of anti-antisemitism too, piggy backing on another groups history and pathos. SMH.

    RE:”the idea that European Nordic people, and their “civilized” way of life, are inherently superior to those of the Eastern Semites, who are “polluting” it.”

    Actually, It is the idea shared by many of us throughout the West. And yes, we are superior. And YES, you are “polluting” our civilization with your scummy, ignorant, backwards, arrested behavior and mindset.

    1. Re: “Current DNA testing has already proven that not all Arab countries share a “Semite” DNA in the ME, thus it another false canard to argue, we can’t be Anti-semites when were all semites is incorrect.”

      Maybe. One can technically be a ‘semite’ without the Jew-gene, because, technically speaking, ‘semite’ is only a contraction of “Ha-Shemite,” or worshipper of Ha-Shem (the G*d also known as The Name, or The Word).

      Besides, take the real-world example of the Ashkenazim (Kazars) who joined the Tribes to bolster their own in-bred genes, yet weren’t from the Holy Land at all.

      These days, lots of neo-nazis would argue that, because the Rothschilds etc are of Kazarian origin, the aren’t entitled to claim Israel as their homeland, nor Jerusalem as their capital.

      This racist stance is, of course, pure BS, since if I married someone who was completely unrelated to my genetic origin (which, in fact, I once did, when I marred the Black muslima crown-princess of the most rich and successful East African nation) then obviously no one could legally bar any of our offspring from inheriting my Western lands and holdings, simply because I myself had chosen to so “dilute” my genetics!


  2. Yes indeed:

    Muslims are polluting our civilization with their scummy, ignorant, backwards, arrested behavior and mindset. And don’t forget the effects of third cousin marriage, the arrested mental development, the criminal aggression and the abandonment of reason resulting from it.

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