Yom Kippur Jihad

“All your Jerusalem are belong to us…”

Today, Islamic Jihad held a demonstration against Israel allowing Jews to have anything to do with Jerusalem. It does not look that big, compared to other previous rallies, although perhaps the venue was not as large.

Photos from today’s Islamic Jihad rally “to protect Jerusalem”

“Our Jihadists”

Don’t let “our”  jihadists come here a second time

Our first mistake was to allow them or their families into Australia. Our second would be to let them come back again: 

AN Australian jihadist has reportedly blown himself up in a truck bombing in eastern Syria,amid reports about 70 per cent of Australians fighting with the rebels are known to counter-terrorism authorities.

They are just following their meshugga profit:

The prophet of Islam raided at least nineteen territories in his life, killing the inhabitants. Before each raid he would pray to Allah, who he referred to as ‘Lord of Devils’.

Dubai Police Chief: Arabs are cheaters and Jews are more credible.

Dubai’s police chief praises Jews, upsets Arabs

Remember Dahi Khalfan, the Dubai police chief who would go on TV every day talking about his investigation in the murder of Mahmoud Mabhouh?  During the investigation he said that he would not allow any Jews into the country (translated by English-language media as “Israelis.”)

All of his adventures seem to have given him some grudgiing respect for Jews. On his Twitter accounttoday, he wrote that Jews are more trustworthy in business than Arabs are. He said Arabs are cheaters and Jews are more credible.

Headbangers Call For Submission

Islamophobia conf. calls for int”l effort to tackle anti-Islam leanings

ISTANBUL, Sept 13 (KUNA) — Islamophobia International Conference concluded here Friday with calls for coordinate international effort to tackle the anti-Islam and anti-Muslims sentiments and Muslim scholars’ efforts to clarify misconceptions about Islam. KUNA thanks to Mullah

Baddies versus beheaders – a conflict in which only a Putin can take sides

Syrian rebels headbangers, who’d be most assisted by a US strike on the Syrian regime, behead four more captives. Warning. Graphic content.

From the Muslim Issue:


Leftards Demand Hudna 

Left wants armistice in the culture war now that the tide has turned

Labor in government created the Left-wing Grattan Institute, funded the new Left-wing The Conversation and presided over the expansion of the Left-wing ABC.

It staged a show-trial into the “hate media” that criticised it, threatened newspapers which dug into Julia Gillard’s past and proposed new laws for a state-backed media censor.

But only now that a conservative government replaces one of the Left does Fairfax writer Gay Alcorn suddenly call a halt to the culture war – by which she actually means the Left’s advances should not now be reversed:

Mr Abbott,  please spare us a rerun of the ‘’culture wars’’.

Spoken like a true Leftist. Only conservatives have a bias. Leftists propose “reforms”, but conservatives only want “war”.–Left wants armistice in the culture war (Andrew Bolt)

Liberals: Britain’s Traitors

The traditional political parties in the UK are the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties. On key issues such as the European Union, uncontrolled mass immigration and the threat of Islam, it has been proven that they all have ineffective liberal policies, act without mandates and do not listen to the consensus of the British public. …   By: Paul Wilkinson/ Cherson and Molschky/ thanks to Mullah


Islamists Behead Captured Syrians in Front of Children…

They are only doing allah’s handiwork. The real problem is Spencer-Geller and  the ever present “Islamophobia”

Why wait for houris when you can have virgins here and now?

Nothing to do with Islam?

“Hate ideology”

“If Christianity and Judaism cannot be mentioned with terrorism, then our noble religion Islam cannot be deflamed [sic] this way either.”

Turkish PM Erdogan: “Islamophobia” is “crime against humanity”

Only Muslims are human. The rest is dumb, deaf and blind and lower than animals. Resisting Islam is therefore “criminal”.

He has said this before. However often he repeats it, it will still ring hollow. His deputy Bulent Arinc said: “If Christianity and Judaism cannot be mentioned with terrorism, then our noble religion Islam cannot be deflamed [sic] this way either.”
The absurdity of this is self-evident. It is based on the fundamental false assertion of the “Islamophobia”-mongers: that it is non-Muslim “Islamophobes,” not jihad terrorists, who link Islam with terrorism, and that the link is an incidental one, when actually those jihadis explain that they committed their murders because of Islamic imperatives. The primary imperative of the entire “Islamophobia” initiative is to shift that blame and obscure how jihad terrorists invoke Islam, and to intimidate the West into criminalizing honest discussion of jihad and Islamic supremacism.
“Islamophobia is as dangerous as racism: Turkish PM,” from the World Bulletin, September 12 (thanks to Jerk Chicken):

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday that Islamophobia was a kind of racism such as the other forms of discrimination by describing the term as a crime against humanity.

Here’s the Love:

Iraq: Shi’ite Muslims explode bombs outside mosque, murdering 30 Sunnis leaving after Friday prayers

 Meanwhile, Turkey’s Erdogan repeated his earlier charge that “Islamophobia” was a “crime against humanity.” He didn’t say anything about Sunni-Shi’ite jihad violence. Yet which has killed more people?

“Two roadside bombs outside mosque kill 30 in Baquba – Iraqi police,” from Reuters, September 13
Mohammedanism Contaminating Public Schools

SDSU: Muslim prof distributes maps with Israel listed as “Palestinian Territories,” then hand-writes in “Israel” after complaints

More evidence that universities in the U.S. today are centers for Leftist/Islamic supremacist indoctrination, with no interest in truth whatsoever. “Israel hand-written onto new map by SDSU professor,” by Cristin Severance for 10News.com, September 12

One World Ruled by UN Despots?

How dare the U.S. of A. uphold individual rights and values!

 From “stand your ground” laws to voter-ID, from drone strikes to NSA surveillance, from profiling of Muslims to continued detentions at Guantanamo Bay, the U.S. government’s positions on a wide range of issues will be placed under a United Nations’ spotlight next month. U. N. Human Rights Panel Prepares to Challenge U.S. Domestic Policies –

Syria: Yes, they are all bad guys

…and they are not “secular”



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