Abbott Government in crime crackdown on asylum seekers

Wish it were so:

Abbott Government in crime crackdown on asylum seekers – Herald Sun / Sky News

Gemma Jones Political Reporter/October 06, 2013 (thanks to Mullah/pbuh)

ALMOST 30 asylum seekers released into the community have been charged with offences ranging from people smuggling to pedophilia and murder.

The Coalition will launch a new behaviour crackdown for bridging visa holders and community detainees who will be automatically returned to detention if they are charged with an offence. …

Hardly a punishment. How about shipping them out and back from whence they came after doing some serious prison labour to pay for their crimes?—Story and video at Herald Sun

Lets see if Election Promise Memory Loss Syndrome sets in:
Tony Abbott to deport convicted asylum seekers
TONY Abbott will automatically deport asylum seekers and other non-citizens convicted of criminal offences and sentenced to one year or more in jail if elected Prime Minister. …Promise at The Sunday Telegraph/SAMANTHA MAIDEN/June 16, 2013

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  1. Yeah, well, I seem to remember a mussie called “Benbrika” or something who was supposed to be deported some time ago, but got to stay and plan an attack on the MCG. Who was running the show when all that was happening, John Howard or KRudd? I honestly don’t remember.

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