ABC’s asylum fraudsters become just migrants in Italy

WTF is wrong with our politprops? Are they all imbeciles?

What an “achievement”:

Which law would that be? The law of allah?

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ABC’s asylum seekers become just migrants in Italy

Andrew Bolt

The ABC reports two similar tragedies in one week, but uses different names for the victims.

First, here’s how the ABC refers to those who drowned trying to get to Australia:

Survivors from an asylum seeker boat that sank off Indonesia say the boat returned to land after it hit trouble in rough seas and sank only 50 metres from the shore.


Survivors of an asylum seeker boat that sank off Indonesia say Australian rescue authorities told them help was on the way, but it never came…

At least 28 asylum seekers have been found alive, but local authorities fear about 80 people were on the boat… The Australian Government says it was aware that an asylum seeker vessel had foundered in Indonesian waters close to West Java.

And again:

Australia’s Immigration Minister Scott Morrision has again denied Australian rescue organisations delayed their response to emergency message from an asylum seeker boat of Indonesia. Mr Morrision has spoken to the media after his visit to Papua New Guinea last week and news of the sinking of an asylum seeker boat off Indonesia…

But when a boat sinks off Italy, those on board are described by the ABC not as “asylum seekers” but – more accurately – as migrants:

BARBARA MILLER: The boat is thought to have set sail from Libya, a route migrants in their thousands risk each year. Some flee war or persecution, some simply yearn for a better life.

The ABC again:

Italy has declared a national day of mourning after a boat packed with African migrants caught fire and sank… The boat had set sail from Libya, a route thousands of migrants take each year to try and reach the European Union…

The island of Lampedusa is closer to Africa than it is to the Italian mainland and each year thousands of migrants from Libya and other parts of north Africa try to reach its shores… Human Rights Watch spokeswoman Judith Sunderland agrees the European Union needs to do more to help migrant vessels in distress … The stream of migrants is a humanitarian and political problem for the Italian government.

Migrants who arrive in Italy are allowed to apply for asylum. Many are ordered to leave the country but slip away to become illegal immigrants…

And again:

Eerie vision has emerged of the wreck of an African migrant boat which sank off the coast of Italy…

Yes, the tragedies are the main issue here. But why the different language? Why the more emotive and less accurate “asylum seekers” when describing migrants trying to come illegally to Australia?

The language is important, because it conditions our response to such drownings. Is the response really – as is now suggested by some Italian politicians and religious figures – to stop the drownings simply by offering tens of thousands of illegal migrants safe entry? What are borders worth then?

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  1. Let’s be very clear in regards to Indonesia; they flooded West Papua with over one million “boat people” and ijtend to do the same with Australia.

  2. Australia already has 485, 000 illegal welfare bludgers! how many more will they bring in?
    It’s strange not seeing hanson young on tv every 1/2 hr forcing the tears out over her beloved boaties, she must’ve crawled back under her rock.

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