China Plays Hardball

US Panel Urges Peaceful Ramadan for Uighurs

This is from a pro-Islamic site which seeks to portray Muslims as the victims, so you need to ignore the spin:

Five Uyghurs have been killed by the Chinese security forces in the third consecutive week of shootings in East Turkestan.

The Uyghurs are increasingly subject to violence and denounce discrimination and religious controls under Beijing’s rule. 

This is the usual muselmanic victimhood schtick  Curiously, the journo who penned this doesn’t find it necessary to tell us what these Uighurs did raise the ire of the Chinese security forces.

Below is an article published by Radio Free Asia.

Chinese security forces shot dead five ethnic minority Muslim Uyghurs in the third consecutive week of fatal shootings in a restive county in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, an exile Uyghur group said Monday [14 October 2013], accusing the authorities of a “cover-up”.  



Moscow’s large Muslim community faces persecution

The usual BS: Muselmaniacs invade, claim ‘their rights’ supersede all others and whine that the infidels don’t  submit to their perverse demands. Then the terror starts….

Moscow is now home to 2 million Muslims – more than any other city in Europe.