Chit chat around the mosque….

Visit to mosque  saved Tommy from “Islamophobia”

Some say he converted on the spot. I hate to believe that……

Maajid Nawaz and Tommy Robinson

That Islamic prophet Abraham

There is no freedom NOT to wear the freedom sack: (BCF)


TRIPOLI — A new fatwa by Libya’s top religious authority, the Grand Mufti, saying that all women teachers must veil their faces when instructing males who have reached puberty has prompted the anger of liberal activists, who fear this is the start of widespread educational gender segregation.

Cementing the relationship:

Cement given to Gaza used for jihad terror tunnels instead of schools and houses

Officials estimated that 500 tons of cement was used to construct the tunnel.

Were these jihad terror tunnels built with cement that the Israelis gave to the “Palestinians”?  (You bet.)

 Its that time of year again:


HOORAY! Gaza Muslims injured as they torture animals for the Eid holiday (BNI)