England’s Idiot prince at Islamic forum: Syria conflict caused by”climate change”

Charles warns of climate change at Islamic forum

 “Syria graphic example of climate change”


“The tragic conflict in Syria provides a terrifyingly graphic example, where a severe drought for the last seven years has decimated Syria’s rural economy. Driving many farmers off their fields and into cities where, already, food was in short supply.

“This depletion of natural capital, inexplicably, little reported in the media, was a significant contributor to the social tension that exploded with such desperate results.”


In other news:

“Me too”, says Boris

I’m the first London Mayor of ‘Muslim extraction’, Boris Johnson boasts as he pleads for Arab investment in the capital

  • Mayor urges Ninth World Islamic Economic Forum to back London
  • Tells story of great-great-grandfather who made his money in beeswax
  • Joked that it all went wrong when an American invented the lightbulb
  • Announces £100million fund to attract tech start-ups from Muslim world


Windy monuments to the warmist folly

Terry McCrann:

I STILL have a dream. Of that one day when we start pulling down all the utterly useless, landscape-blighting, bird-killing, people-punishing, so-called wind farms.

Climate Change Authority exposed: even more pain for no gain

Terry McCrann destroys the latest report of the Climate Change Authority – one the Fairfax press deceptively presented as the work of sensible people from “across the spectrum”

How Fairfax gives the Climate Change Authority a green-wash

It took O’Reilly five years to figure that out:

Bill O’Reilly Compares Obama Policies to Communist Cuban Regime (Video)

“Liberals want certain things such as low cost health care for everybody. But they don’t calibrate the unintended consequences of what they espouse. For example, imposing social justice, a big Obama theme, means somebody’s going to have to pay for it. If you go to Cuba you’ll see most people are destitute because the government has taken everything from them in order to level the playing field.We’ll all be poor together.”

“60 Minutes” Finally Reveals it:

Workers object to socialists

Socialists are meant to represent the workers. But yesterday’s violent protest by students egged on by socialist groups reveal a split.

“Peer reviewed”- (deniers will be re-educated…)

Kerry ‘Amazed’ That Some Americans Still Don’t Grasp Urgency of Global Warming - 

“…we have people, even in the United States Senate, who stand up and deny. So we have work to do and we have to undertake to try to do whatever we can – without legislation, if that’s what it takes – through executive authority, through our own decisions, to try to make the choices that will make a difference in this.” –

One thought on “England’s Idiot prince at Islamic forum: Syria conflict caused by”climate change””

  1. Libtards like to pretend poverty causes crime, when in fact crime causes poverty. Muslim countries are ruled by islam, the world’s largest ongoing extortion-racket crime-syndicate, so it’s no surprise that they’re all at the very bottom of the global development indices. I mean, really – tiny Spain, (hardly known as a global economic powerhouse) which used to be ruled by islam for 780 years, today has an average higher GNP than ALL the muslim countries in the world, combined!

    Dhimmi Prince Chuckie should just Submit in public and get it over with.


    The Ottawa Citizen, Tuesday, May 14, 2013, P.#A4; and:

    Federal report finds no link between poverty and radicalization of terrorists
    Study released two years after it was completed

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