“Suicide bomber blows himself up outside hotel in Tunisian resort town”

Visit exiting Tunisia!

Al BeBeeCeera fears the “revolution is in danger”.

Jihad-martyrdom suicide bomber blows himself up in front of resort hotel

That’ll work miracles for tourism. Its just like throwing another shrimp on the barbie!

This was Tunisia’s first jihad-martyrdom suicide bombing — more fruit of the glorious democratic “Arab Spring.”

“Suicide bomber blows himself up outside hotel in Tunisian resort town, casualties unknown,” from the Associated Press, October 30 (thanks to JW):


TUNIS, Tunisia – The official Tunisian news agency says a man has blown himself up in front of a hotel in a Mediterranean resort town.The TAP news agency says the man, wearing a belt of explosives, was killed. It was not clear if other people were hurt or killed in the explosion in the town of Sousse, about 90 miles (150 kilometers) south of the capital, Tunis. Sousse is a frequent destination for tourists….


500,000 depressed people in Tunisia

By Hugh Fitzgerald,  October 29, 2013

Tunisia count today more than 500,000 people depressed. It is reported that La Presse de Tunisie , citing Professor Nejib Bel Haj Ali , at the 37th National Congress of Medicine, held on 25 and 26 October in Tunis , adding that “the risk of suicidal threat 90 % of depressed ” .

Depression by means low morale and an aversion to activity that can affect behavior , emotions and physical well – being of an individual . This may include sadness, anxiety, emptiness , disappointment , guilt , irritability, or even feelings of worthlessness or agitation .

If depression persists, then it may be depression , and symptoms of this disease , according to the doctor , as are many suicide attempts , fatigue (especially that experienced in the morning and eventually dissipate the afternoon ) , difficulty concentrating, memory problems , sleep problems (insomnia or hypersomnia ) .

Other telltale signs: weight loss without organic reason, decreased libido or difficulty maintaining a normal sex life , and irritability in a person known to a Zen temperament , says the Tunisian daily .

Depression can also manifest physically as various pains such as cramps , headaches or headaches , constipation, palpitations, stomach pain .

The doctor points out that in 2007 and the results of a study that was developed by the Center for care and basic health Sousse, on a sample of 1,246 people , 26.4 % had major depression and 6% suffer from chronic depression that lasts for two years , said the same source.

The post-revolution Tunisia goes wrong. Terrorism and insecurity, which are increasing , merely destroy Tunisians slowly.

Depression is an illness that must be medically supported, in order to increase the chances of full recovery. Therefore, the state should implement a campaign of depression screening , means for the development of Tunisians and follow-up or counseling in schools , administration , etc. .