‘Hundreds of girls are being brainwashed into believing they are second-class citizens at this Islamic school. That cannot be right for them or for modern Britain.’

This is  the UK 2013, people. Muselmaniacs are already inflicting the same horror on teachers down under. And you, the taxpayer, is paying for this.

The devoted teacher who quit a Muslim school after being told THIS outfit was indecent

  • The woman, referred to as Jane, has had a 20-year teaching career
  • In all that time, there has never been a word of complaint against her
  • But she returned home to her husband in tears after a furious row
  • A colleague at the Islamic Al-Madinah school in Derby said her outfit was ‘abhorrent’

The Islamic Al-Madinah school in Derby, one of the newest of the Government-sponsored free schools, had asked her to dress modestly, covering her hair and ensuring she did not show any flesh apart from her face, hands and feet.

She abided by the request — or so she thought.

For earlier that October day, wearing a grey suit with a skirt well below the knees, thick knitted black stockings, calf-length boots and her long brown hair completely covered, she stepped into a lift at the school with a male teacher.

To her shame, he looked her up and down and told her that she had failed to observe ‘common decency’. The two inches of leg hidden in the 100 denier stockings which showed between her boots and the hem of her dress were ‘abhorrent’, he warned. Her discreet outfit was, he deemed, ‘figure hugging’ and immodest.

The strict religious rules of Islamic zealotry now appearing in a growing number of these Muslim schools — particularly when it comes to the treatment of girl pupils and female staff — has led to accusations that they have been hijacked by Islamic hardliners and are promoting a ‘sexual apartheid’ while the Government’s education inspectors, Ofsted, turn a blind eye out of a misguided fear of being accused of racism.