Love is Unislamic!

Mustard Attack in Londonistan:

Police in London are appealing for help after a newly arrived American student was left scarred for life in a vicious bottle attack:  Muslim Gang Brutally Beats US Student Bloody in London (GWP)

One day, some day, Sunni & Shiite Muslims will get along beautifully:

Rabbi, you are no Freedom Rider. You are a fool!

Rabbi Mark Schiftan, senior rabbi at The Temple in Nashville is preparing to take his congregants on a bus ride to the Islamic Center of Murfreesboro. The Muslim Brotherhood Is Just A Phone Call Away! (GoV)

The UN wants to ban Santa!
by H. Numan

sinterklaasYes, the United Nations really wants to ban Santa. Not the American one living on the North Pole, mind you. But the original Santa from Holland. You may not know that the Dutch celebrate a very different Santa: Saint Nicolas, or in Dutch Sinterklaas. (Gates of Vienna: The UN Wants to Ban Santa!)

Tower Hamlets terrorist calls for ‘jihad’ from beyond the grave


A Tower Hamlets-born terrorist “martyr” has been shown inciting Muslims in the borough to “cut the necks of disbelievers” and join a “jihad” (holy war) in Somalia in a video message from beyond the grave.

Love is unIslamic

Kandahar: A young couple in conservative southern Afghanistan have been found beheaded, apparently killed for having a love affair outside of marriage, officials said on Wednesday.  Afghan Lovers Beheaded…  (TROP)

Beckel doesn’t like the Obamastan he helped bring about:

Obummer bugs phones:

Does that make him a phone-bugger?

merkel_obama_AFPObama’s spies on Merkel’s phone

Shrillary goes to Buffalo:


WillaryHILLARY HECKLED IN BUFFALO: “Benghazi!… You Let Them Die! (Video)

Cultural Marxism: 

A politics lecture at Melbourne University

Students, know your enemies!