On Baroness Warsi’s Orders

Just like Huma Abedin of the Muslim Sisterhood holds ‘Svengali’ like powers over  Shrillary Clinton, the UK’s PM David Camoron seems to depend on his minister without a portfolio, the odious  Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, for all things Islamic.As long as the curry princess is pleased with him……


Certify or Hang?

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Prime Minister David Cameron’s statement after the atrocity in Nairobi would be laughable if were not for the horrific and deadly reality of the event he so glibly misrepresented. Our English correspondent Seneca III has some thoughts in the wake of what happened in Kenya and London last week.

Certify or Hang?
by Seneca III

The recent public furore over David Cameron’s parroting of the curious mantra he spouts following every atrocity committed by Muslims, whereby he declares that they [bombings, massacres, honour killings, beheadings etc., etc., etc.] are “nothing to do with Islam” may, perversely and metaphorically, turn out to be a bright recruiting lantern outside of The Inn of the Counter-Jihad.

I say this because it is now becoming painfully apparent even to the most previously disinterested observer that these oxymoronic outpourings are either the cretinous drivel of a crippled intellect or deliberate disinformation designed to give succour and manoeuvring room to the perpetrators of global Jihad. It therefore follows that he and his coterie of colleagues, supporters and sycophants have to be either certifiable, and thus must be committed to an institution for the remainder of their days or, alternatively, are guilty of collective high treason and should be dealt with accordingly.

Whilst this unconscionable aberration may only just becoming apparent to certain swathes of the native body politic, I for one have long accepted the reality that before we can get around to hauling the Religion of Peace, kicking and screaming as it will, out of the moral cul-de-sac into which it backed itself over fourteen hundred years ago — particularly those atavistic samples of it that have been permitted and encouraged to colonise a significant percentile of the West in what is perhaps the greatest act of treason ever perpetrated upon it in its long and turbulent history — we will first have to ‘remonstrate’ quite strongly with Cameron and his ilk. And, when it comes to the ‘ilk’, I do not mean just those who have seized control of the Mother of Parliaments and turned it into what can only be described as Cesspit-on-Thames, but also their fellow deconstructionist counterparts throughout the Euro/Anglosphere.

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