Our Bleeding Hearts Will Not Keep Us Safe From The Islamic Nightmare

And the Moonbat Messiah didn’t make Libya safer either:

Donald Rumsfeld after the fact:

Syria too hard?

Intolerant  Europe with its racist,  xenophobic,  violent right-wing extremists is just too attractive for black African welfare seekers and their Mohammedan handlers

The  European Court of Human Rights described  summary push-backs as ‘collective expulsion.’ No Muselmaniac is illegal, at least not by the law of allah. White Euro-dhimmies are collectively guilty when the invaders drown:

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Andrew Bolt doesn’t mention Islam, again:

Do refugee programs make us less safe? 

 A BRITISH jihadist is suspected of developing chemical weapons for the terrorists behind the Kenyan shopping centre massacre, raising fears that al-Qaeda will use them on Western targets.

What “help” does Iran intend to give these boat people?

Lebanon’s Daily Star reports that some of the “asylum seekers” on the boat which sank 50m from an Indonesian beach have decided to go back home: (full post below the fold)

Making a mockery of everything:

Iran gets senior seat on UN nuclear disarmament committee

This is no surprise. This is the world in which the U.S. government is giving weapons to al-Qaeda in Syria. This is the world in which opponents of jihad terror such as Pamela Geller and me are barred from Britain, while supporters of jihad terror such as Mohammed al-Arefe are admitted into Britain. This is a world in which a free nation, Israel, is derided and hated the world over, while its bloodthirsty foes who have vowed its destruction and celebrate the murders of its civilians are lauded, praised, and showered with money. This is the world in which Reza Aslan, a Board member of a lobbying group for the Islamic Republic of Iran, is feted by Jewish groups and speaks at synagogues, while staunch supporters of Israel such as Geller are banned and shunned.

The world has lost its moral compass and free nations are busy surrendering to the proponents of jihad and Sharia; so why shouldn’t a genocidally-inclined rogue state which is defying the world by constructing nuclear weapons get a senior seat on the UN’s nuclear disarmament committee?

“Iran gets senior seat on UN nuclear disarmament committee,” by Maya Shwayder for the Jerusalem Post, October 3 (thanks to JW):

NEW YORK – Hours after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu railed against Iran’s nuclear program from the UN General Assembly’s stage on Tuesday, member states elected Iran to be the rapporteur for the Disarmament and International Security Committee.

Where the Mullah’s Should Be:


What “help” does Iran intend to give these boat people?

Lebanon’s Daily Star reports that some of the “asylum seekers” on the boat which sank 50m from an Indonesian beach have decided to go back home:

Following talks with the Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro in Jakarta, caretaker State Minister Ahmad Karami who is heading a Lebanese official delegation to Indonesia said … he will try to ascertain the exact number of missing before he returns to Lebanon…

The delegation, which also includes Lebanon’s Higher Relief Committee head Ibrahim Bashir, held a news conference in Jakarta in the presence of seven Lebanese survivors.

Eighteen people will leave to Beirut tomorrow [Saturday]. As for the [seven] attending the conference with us, they will return with us on Monday,” Karami told reporters.

Clearly not fleeing persecution then.

But what help does Iran have in mind?

Iran’s ambassador to Lebanon Ghadanfar Roknabadi said following talks with caretaker Foreign Minister Adnan Mansour that Tehran was “fully prepared to provide any assistance” to Lebanon in the wake of the boat tragedy.

Lampedusa: A wake-up call for the EU?

 Al Jizz

Will the latest migration tragedy off the Italian coast trigger any change in the EU’s migration and refugee policies?

Italy has declared a day of mourning after at least 127 migrants died when their boat sank off the coast of Lampedusa. Hundreds of migrants are still missing after their boat sank off the Italian island and many on the mainland insist it is a tragedy that could have been avoided.

Broadly speaking, global economic disparities are the basic factor behind this. The fact that people feel the need to seek out better opportunities elsewhere – the tragedy is that death should never be a consequence of the desire to seek a better opportunity elsewhere…

Elizabeth Collett, the Migration Policy Institute

Around 150 people were rescued, but it is believed that as many as 500 people were on board when the boat sank just one kilometre away from the shore.

It is one of the worst disasters of its kind in recent years. Migrants who do manage to make it to Europe are allowed to apply for asylum, but many are ordered to leave.

Attention is once again focused on the wider issue of migration to Europe – one of the continent’s most pressing and intractable problems.

Thousands of would-be migrants have died on their journeys to Europe in the last 20 years – often in similar circumstances, travelling on overcrowded or unseaworthy vessels.

For years, people have been risking their lives to migrate to Europe for a variety of reasons: some in search of economic advancement, others simply escaping from war. Numbers have been boosted this year by thousands of refugees from the civil war in Syria, most of whom have arrived on the eastern coast of Sicily from Egypt.

Human Rights groups say migrants are regularly smuggled in crammed conditions with little or no food and water and they can expect mistreatment at the hands of their smugglers as well as border guards, who often send them straight back to the country they came from.

Italy’s return policy was once the most notorious in Europe. At one stage it worked with authorities in Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya to send boats back.

But that stopped after the European Court of Human Rights found that what were described as summary push-backs amounted to ‘collective expulsion.’

So, what is next for the thousands of people who risk their lives to reach Europe? Who is to blame? And has the EU failed in dealing with the issue?

Inside Story, with presenter Mike Hanna, discusses with guests: Elizabeth Collett, the director of the Migration Policy Institute; Claude Moraes, a member of the European Parliament; and Vidhya Ramalingam, from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.

“In a similar vein [to pan-European action] the intolerant in Europe, the racist, the xenophobic, thepotentially violent forms of right-wing extremists – they are working across borders as well; there are international movements – we have the counter-jihad movement which does span the US and Europe – and European governments actually need to be working together in the same way to deal with these types of movements and the knock-on effect that they can have within their own countries.”

Vidhya Ramalingam, from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue

4 thoughts on “Our Bleeding Hearts Will Not Keep Us Safe From The Islamic Nightmare”

  1. We cannot solve Libya’s problems, nor Tunisia’s problems, nor Algeria’s, nor Egypt’s but we can protect ourselves and we are mad if we don’t do it. If you get on a rickety boat to invade our shores we will send you back. Sorry about the body count. Solve your own problems. We created our civilizations and you bring nothing but crime to our shores. Go home.

    1. How many millions do we want from the Third World?

      This pope is a disgrace.

      POPE Francis called it a “disgrace”. But the real disgrace is such reckless sanctimony when boat people drown.

      A fortnight ago we got it from the Greens, who demanded an inquiry when scores of boat people – many from Lebanon – drowned just 50m off an Indonesian beach.

      The guilt is ours because, the Greens complain, “there are no safe or ‘regular’ pathways available” for Third World people to migrate here even when we don’t want them.

      The Pope, alas, is no less irresponsible.

      Last Thursday some 300 Africans died while trying to smuggle themselves into Italy, and the Pope, hands seeming to shake with anger, railed: “The word disgrace comes to me.”


  2. If the pope keeps this up, being an apologist and using guilt to manipulate Catholics.

    I can see a split coming.

  3. Al Jizz makes it sound as if ‘collective expulsion’ was a bad thing.

    It is our only hope. It is absolutely necessary for the survival of our culture and civilisation.

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