Pregnancy Tourism

One More Reason NHS Is In The Red  by Hugh Fitzgerald

Here’s the latest on the pregnancy tourism, and the NHS.

Those “foreign women” who keep coming back to have babies are — it isn’t said, but it should be clear — are not Westerners. Nor are they people from sub-Saharan Africa — such people can’t afford the plane fare. They are, in the main, from Muslim lands. In the United States, Muslims fly over, not — as yet – to get the free care, but to have babies on American soil and thus Amerian citizenship for the kids (one, two, three, four) and then, by contiguity at a later date, for other members of the family.


And does anyone want to study the cost to the NHS of the Muslim population? Since Muslims prefer, in societies where there is no trust, but constant deception, and aggression, and hostility, and hysteria, to have their children marry close relatives, and this leads to a much higher incidence of congenital deformities and illnesses than in the non-Muslim population, the cost to Western health services, such as the NHS, is sky-high. It’s a cost that Islam imposes, for Islam is responsible for the felt need to marry a relative, ideally a first cousin.

This is just one of the ways that Muslims constitute a special, heavy, and growing economic burden on non-Muslims in non-Muslim societies. Few Muslim women work, and are discouraged, or sometimes prevented, from doing so. Their role is to stay home and breed, breed more Muslims. And they do – just look around. The late Oriana Fallaci, who did not mince words, and didn’t care what people thought of her because she had seen too much of Muslims, in the East and in the West, described them as “breeding like rats” in Europe). The burden they place on the system of state subsidies, on the education system, on the health system, and on the security apparatus that now must monitor Muslim populations everywhere, and not just out of prison but in prison, where Muslims terrorize and threeby may be said to  forcibly convert non-Muslims to Islam.


And the expense, and the problem, and the disruption, and the daily unpleasantness, and the growing inhibition when speaking about, or recognizing truths about, Islam, and the physical insecurity for non-Muslims, all of this keeps increasing pari passu with the increase in the Muslim population, which increase must be halted and reversed, if the peoples of the West are to survive and enjoy what was left to them as a legacy, and which, as they inherited only a life estate, they have a duty to preserve.