Fundamental Transformers Rewarding Each Other

Voters were promised the fundamental transformation of America; they are getting it:

The Filibuster Power Grab

The hypocrisy is so blatant that you can’t help wonder why these tyrants don’t seem to worry anymore about voters rising up in anger and disgust to throw them out of office — as if they know something about our election process that we don’t.

AWESOME: Mark Levin teaches Republican Senators how to respond to Harry Reid and his nuclear option

Mark Levin was not happy with the mediocre response from Republican Senators to Harry Reid’s nuclear option play today and decided to help them out on his radio show as to how they should’ve responded.

Ted Cruz says nuclear option was a “brazen, partisan abuse of power” by Obama and the Democrats

‘Common core’ rubbish incites black and white:

 Barack was a nice fellow, they said. But white voters would never vote for a black president.

A book about Obama available to fourth-graders has sparked controversy, with parents citing a passage they believe implies opposition to the president is based entirely on his race.

All of it is a lie.

‘Barrack’ was never a “nice fellow”. He is the most hateful, destructive Marxist Muslim the world has ever known. The fact that he is half-white has little to do with the damage he is doing to America.

Rush Limbaugh Outlines Nightmare Scenario That Would Give Dems ‘Authoritarian, Non-Challengeable Control’

“They just changed 250 years’ worth of rules on advise and consent, and now Obama’s gonna get every judge he wants.”

Black Mob Violence Breaching Media Barricades

Some stories are so big, the establishment media has to report them, no matter how damaging they are to the liberal narrative. The total failure of ObamaCare is one example; the ongoing epidemic of racially targeted black mob violence is becoming another. … Read the rest at Absolute Rights. (Moonbattery)

 Hussein Obama honors Bill Clinton, Oprah Winfrey with Presidential Medal of Freedom

Slick Willie was “our first Black president“– a legend in his own mind. Oprah Winfrey is a whitey hatin’ turd who campaigned for Obama BECAUSE he is black. He wouldn’t have gotten her support or been elected if he wasn’t. She just declared that older white people have to die so that racism ends….