Jihad Terror in Thailand: 118 “Incidents” Reported in October

Fake Apologies For Victory Signs by Muslim Nurses in Front of Slain Officer
30218344-02_bigThree nurses at Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Hospital yesterday apologised to the public for an inappropriate photograph taken in the hospital’s intensive-care unit.
Two of the nurses are seen flashing a “victory” sign in front of the body of Pol Sgt Nimit Deewong, who was killed along with two fellow bomb-squad officers in a blast in Narathiwat on Monday.After the photo was circulated on social media from Tuesday night, the nurses’ action came in for heavy public criticism as being inappropriate, insensitive and unethical.  (More)


A total of 32 people were killed and 72 others wounded in 118 incidents of southern unrest during October, Prince of Songkla University’s Deep South Watch (DSW) has reported.

The Sunday Nation November 3, 2013  (Pamela Geller)


The unrest continued yesterday with the latest victim a former assistant village headman, who was shot dead in Yala’s Bannang Sata district. The shooting of Hama Marana, 51, took place at 2am in Tambon Bacho as he was returning home from a rubber plantation. He was shot by an unknown assailant.DSW reported that from October 1-31, there were 37 attacks in Narathiwat that killed 21 people and wounded 31 others; 56 incidents in Pattani that killed six people and injured 26 others; and 21 incidents in Yala that killed five people and injured 15 others. Songkhla saw four incidents but reported no deaths or injuries. The most common attack was bombings with 45 cases, followed by shootings with 28 cases.

Thailand: Islamic Insurgency ‘Erupts’, Injures Eight Soldiers and Five Journalists

Islamic jihadists injure eight soldiers and five journalists in twin bombings

As is standard “journalistic” practice, this story gives no hint of who did this, or why, in the headline, and doesn’t get around to giving a hint until the fourth and final paragraph. There is a policy in place to distance Islam and jihad from jihad violence, resulting in the fact that a huge number of people have no idea what free people are facing or why, and no will to do anything to defend themselves.

“8 soldiers, 5 journalists injured in twin bombings in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south,” from the Associated Press, October 19 (thanks to JW):

HAT YAI, Thailand – Eight soldiers and five journalists have been injured in two consecutive bomb blasts in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south.


Police Col. Jiradet Phrasawang says the first bomb went off Saturday on a road in Ra-ngae district in Narathiwat province, injuring six soldiers who were on foot patrol. The second exploded an hour later about 100 meters (328 feet) from the first blast as a bomb squad and journalists were arriving at the scene.

Jiradet says two Explosive Ordnance Disposal officers were hurt in the second blast, and five journalists — a photographer for the French news agency Agence France-Presse and two reporters from Thai television stations — were slightly wounded.

More than 5,000 people have been killed in predominantly Buddhist Thailand’s three Muslim-dominated southernmost provinces since an Islamic insurgency erupted in 2004.

Erupted. Like a volcano. “Islamic insurgencies,” they’re forces of nature. They erupt, and people get killed. By whom? No one knows. But nothing can be done to prevent these insurgencies. They’re just acts of Allah.