Mohammedanism: who needs it?

When news is not news

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When news is not news

Did you hear about the survey conducted this week that found only 16 per cent of Australians think that Islam makes our nation a better place?

Neither did I.

That’s because the media is just not interested in covering any stories that highlight exactly how concerned Australians are about the rise of Islam in this country.

But the survey is in and it is very clear.

Over 70 per of Australians disagree with the politically correct mantra that Islam is compatible with our way of life. The vast majority do not believe it provides anything beneficial to this nation. Most Australians do not believe that we need more of it here.

But more of it is here. Every day.

The Islamic population nearly doubled over the last decade and it is set to double again by 2030. And that’s only if you believe the politically correct figures.

In 2011, the Pew Research Centre forecast that Australia’s Islamic population would grow nearly five times faster than the rest of Australia and reach 714,000 in 2030.

There was only one small problem with that assessment. Actually, it was a big problem.

It assumed in January 2011 that Australia’s Islamic population was 400,000. When census sheets were filled out across the nation in November that year, 476,000 ticked the box that belonged to Allah and his prophet of unpeace.

That was an increase of 140,000 in five years. There are three and bit more five year lots between now and 2030, so if you assume that each of them sees the same-sized Islamic increase, then that means there will be 940,000 Muslims in Australia in 17 years time.

But that’s actually a very flawed assumption. Because it could only happen if the Islamic birth rate plummets far below its current levels. That’s not likely, and even if there was a small drop, the expanding population would still see a rise in net birth numbers.

So that means it would also require a massive decrease in the Islamic immigration rate.

Yeah right.

As if any government is going to have the ticker to take that one on. Even the supposedly rabidly conservative Tony Abbott spent the first night of the election campaign schmoozing with the Islamic community in Western Sydney.

That’s where elections are won and lost, remember. Western Sydney is more important than the rest of Australia and it is also home to the largest concentration of Islamic communities in this country.

So it’s unlikely that any of our politicians are going to want to say no to more Islam.

That means the real figure in 2030 is going to be much higher. At a minimum, you’re looking at around 1.2 million. Maybe even up to 1.5 million.

Maybe, just maybe, it is something that we should talk about.

And if the PC do-gooders are so right about how wonderful it is, it should be easy to convince the rest of us.

But if we can’t even debate the whys and wherefores of Islamic immigration without being labelled a racist bigot, we have got a serious problem in this country’s culture and confidence. It’s a sign that out culture is already dying.

Australians don’t want more Islam and we should be able to say no to it.

Why? Because it is our country and we don’t more Muslims holding conferences here to arrogantly inform us that they won’t integrate. Nor do we want more of this:  Click on image to enlarge:


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3 thoughts on “Mohammedanism: who needs it?”

  1. Agreed – DP111.
    The “Submitter to Islam” Problem is easily solved.

    All politicians are invited to (MUST) attend an Islamic Festival
    (in Western Sydney – Lakemba sounds a good spot)

    I Leave the rest to your own outcome desires/imagination.


  2. I fear for Western Civilization. I really do.

    To think, it survived the loss of Constantinople, centuries of Islamic encroachments, the worst first-world fascistic regimes of the 20th century…..only to apparently be undone by complete and total apathy. Not one shot fired to conquer the homelands.

    This cannot stand. May better men, perhaps our fewer-in-number children, finally stand against the evil that is Islam.

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