“Muslims were victims of the Nazis, just like Jews were…”

My BS meter just exploded. Again.

The ultimate in Muslim victimhood mythology: ‘they were victims of the Nazis, just like Jews were’


 UK: ‘One law for me, and another for thee’

EDL member arrested for wearing a burka

 An EDL member wearing a burka? No way. That is reserved for the privileged class of people who are under surveillance and escape it by putting one on at a mosque and buggering off. (Vlad)

Crack smoking, foreign homosexual


Obama HS Friend: Barry ‘Portrayed Himself As a Foreign, Crack-Smoking Homosexual’

Barry Soetoro “always portrayed himself as a foreign student.”

“… girls were never anything that he was ever interested in, and as a young teenager….as a young girl…..it was clear to me that Barry was strictly into men,  he was “a pathological liar, even back then.”

Putin Ends NATO Missile Pact, Warns Military To “Prepare For War”

A sobering report prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MOD) circulating in the Kremlin today states that the 4 NATO F-16 fighter jets scrambled from Turkey hours ago to harass the Il-20 reconnaissance warplanes flying along Russia’s Black Sea coast on one their routine daily missions was in direct retaliation over President Putin’s abrupt canceling of his cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization over missile defense yesterday.